Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Creature of Monster Mash May

Let's talk mermaids and mermen!

Nope not this kind!!

Not this kind either!

That's more like it. Something beautiful with BITE.

My childhood fantasy was to be mermaid when I grew up. If I could change into any creature it still would be my first choice. In the real world, I dive and I snorkel. I share my passion with my sons and husband. The best time in my life is when I lived in Hawaii by the beach and snorkeled every chance I could get.

Mermaid is top of my list. So why haven't I written about one yet?

I write stories with twist. I can't write the normal tropes, they're too boring. It took me awhile to contrive something with a mermaid that wasn't already done a thousand time. I like strong heroines. Independent. Smart. Carnivorous.

Humans have myths of vampires and werewolves. Monsters that develope from humans. What if merpeople had their own myths. What kind of monster would they fear? Something shark like? Something born of their people like our own monsters?

The answers to these questions lead me find Marie Laframboise. Siren. Eater of sexual energy. Man killer. A mermaid vampire of sorts.

Werewolves believe in soul mates. Sirens eat theirs.

Coming in July

Sneek Peek Excerpt:

Starvation would force a person to do crazy things though, like crash werewolf parties. But the hunger that drove her from home also drove her here.

When merpeople reached adolescence most grew into beautiful, nimble adults with long, flowing fins, smooth hands, and normal sexual appetites.

Less than one percent grew into something different, something feared.

Sirens had haunted the oceans for centuries, preying upon both land and sea creatures, using their pheromones to attract victims, and feeding upon the energy created by their sexual desires. Exterminated almost to extinction, very few still existed, yet every generation some were born among the proud merpeople only to be murdered once discovered. Marie’s parents couldn’t kill their only child when her nails grew into graceful claws, her teeth to delicate fangs, and her little fin to a predator’s sleek, strong tail. Beautiful and deadly.  Her parents hid her on the land with no one to teach her how to feed the hunger that grew inside of her.

Lost among the humans, she learned the hard way what kind of damage a siren could cause. For the longest time her hunger controlled her actions, and she left a trail of dead lovers. With age came wisdom and she found another way to survive. One that concealed her monstrous nature. Too bad the fire had consumed her strip club, her only source of food.


Hailey Edwards said...

I agree. I wanted to be a mermaid so badly when I was a kid, my aunt sewed me a tail I could wear while swimming in her pool. LOL

Danielle D. Smith said...

My entire bathroom is mermaids. Count me as a member of the "merfan" troupe. ;-)

Speaking of merfolk, check out the work of Eric the "Mer Tailor"...I have been following his work for years and think you will get a kick outta what he creates. Every tail he makes himself entirely by hand: