Monday, November 28, 2011


It’s time for me to take a break. Anyone sorta following me knows that I’ve been writing my little heart out and I broke my writing muscle.
I need a recess. It won’t happen though. I have edits and edits and more edits to do but I did take the about three days away from the computer this week. I thought I’d miss it more but not one bit. Even my addiction to writechat didn’t bother me.

I do plan on taking a longer break over Christmas but first these edits and I have to finish The Sigma, which is half done. (By the way, Sam is becoming my favorite hero). 

All this leads to my current day dreaming about vacations. I’ve been dreaming about taking a long vacation somewhere warm. I have vacation time in August, which is low peak for many great destinations like Hawaii or Bahamas. I’m terrible about shopping the net for deals or researching resorts. I’m one of those ‘word of mouth’ people.

Someone mentioned Bermuda to me. I’m not crazy about Mexico. Anyone have a suggestion?
(I can dream.)


D L Jackson said...

How about Germany. It's beautiful.

Annie Nicholas said...

I'm looking at those picturse again and I'm wondering, "Do you think they played with the color of the water?"

I mean, really, is the water in Bermuda that blue?

Hailey Edwards said...

I love Orlando, but we're big into theme parks. How about Chattanooga? There's a lot to do and the mountains are beautiful. It's fun to rent a cabin and sit on the back porch in a hot tub. LOL