Monday, January 23, 2012

A Taste of What's to Come

2012 will be a very exciting year for me! Sometimes we work so hard for our dream that once we attain it's hard to sit back and enjoy the ride. Like every writer, I've had my times of struggle where the words were lacking or the story flat. But today, I'm not focusing on the bad. I want to think about the good and take a moment just absorb what the next year will be like.

Omegas in Love  Releasing March 19
Book Four of The Vanguards

Small Excerpt:  
Leaping after Katrina, Tyler was intercepted midair. He hit the pavement with a bone-crunching impact. Air rushed out of his lungs while stars whirled around his head, yet he still managed to roll from the attack. He might not train like Eric, his alpha, or Robert, his beta, but Katrina had forced him to learn the basics of keeping his hide intact.

He jumped to his feet and faced his opponent. The dark, cold eyes of the unknown Asian male stared back from the face of the beast who’d attacked him. His companions had shifted, too.

Impending death confronted Tyler. Three shifters against one were terrible odds, especially for a shifter who worked as a real estate agent.

The Sigma Releasing August 2012
Book Five of The Vanguards

No cover yet.

Small snippet:  Not that Sam blamed Sugar, his only human friend, for breaking his heart years ago. Who could compete with a Nosferatu vampire warrior? Not him.


Untitled Releasing in late 2012
Confessions of a Succubus book one

No Cover yet

Small teaser:  To survive, I needed to feed from energy created in my body during an orgasm. So, I couldn’t even stay alive on bad sex.


Koishi Releasing March 2013
Gatekeepers book 3

No Excerpt yet

That's it for now. My moment of taking it all in is over. I have a sci-fi bunny to finish and a dragon awaiting my attention.

HA! I laugh in the face of exhaustion.

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