Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Friday

The weekend before Valentine's Day!

Have you shopped for the special someone in your life yet? What did you buy them? Come on, tell us...tell us. Is it a surprise gift and do you like yours to be a surprise? Never been a fan of roses, much prefer any spring or wild flower. Not a big chocolate eater, too sweet and cloying for me. Plus, it usually accompanies the roses! Do NOT buy me a damn teddy bear. At least find a big stuffed cat!! Me, I love surprises. Perfume maybe. Jewelry is nice. Very, very nice! :) Especially if it has emeralds anywhere. A dinner date is a fun way to celebrate. And, please, take me somewhere different than the spot we normally frequent. That's a must. In fact, take me out of town to a dinner show or special event of some sort. Now that I'm writing this, thoughts are wandering all around my brain. :)

Does anyone out there ever get asked, "Hey, honey, what would you like for Valentine's Day?" Lots of folks do that for Christmas. Do you give your significant other a list of things you'd like? My thinking on this is if you're an established couple, it is probably discussed, more likely if you have children and need to make arrangements if you plan a date night. There goes the surprise element, unless there's some lovely little item stashed away to be handed past the candlelight during the date. The list idea could be kind of difficult if it's someone you've known for a short time. I mean, we can't see someone for a few months and start giving them lists of things we want for special days. Hell, they may run away in the other direction! *laughing*
Anyway, my brain has stopped wandering around the universe of my mind. But really, share some of your gift ideas for 2012, or tell us about Valentine's Days past. I really want to know...

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

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