Sunday, February 26, 2012

Whatcha reading?!

Happy Sunday!! Just this past week I finished TAMING TAI by Chloe Cole. It's a novella, so it's a nice short read and was exactly what I needed. Sometimes it's just great to start a book and finish it in a night! And this was HOT! But it was sure packed full of emotion too! A really heartfelt romance that just hit all the right spots for me!

This is book three in the ROCK HARD series and I recommend them all! Her writing always leaves me smiling and fanning myself!!

Since Christa Reilly broke his heart ten years ago, Tai-Nan Rivera has steered clear of emotional attachments. Life’s okay, though. He’s in an amazing band, has great friends and has put his troubles with the law behind him. He’s even managed to forget about Christa…almost. Until she comes barreling back into his life, talking about forgiveness. He lets her know that a reunion isn’t on the menu but he’d be happy talk to her…after some hot, sweaty sex, of course. The thought of slumming again will surely send her running back to Daddy. Then maybe he can put their past behind him for good.

When Christa sees Tai’s face on a billboard after years of searching, she drops everything to find him. But the boy she’d loved is now a man who can’t forgive her for their tumultuous past. He finally agrees to talk to her, but for a price. She’ll risk everything to prove she’s worthy of his heart, if only he would trust her with it…one more time.


So whatcha reading?

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