Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chicks Who Aren't Afraid to Kick a Little Butt

I tend to talk a lot about loving anti-heroes, but I'm also a huge fan of female characters who aren't afraid to kick a little ass. Ones like: Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton, Terminator movies), Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Ellen Ripley (Sigorney Weaver, the Alien movies), The Bride (Uma Thurman, the Kill Bill films), Selene (Kate Beckingsale, the Underworld movies), River (Summer Glau, Firefly/Serenity), Alice (Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil movies), Syndey Bristow (Jennifer Garner, Alias) -- just to name a few. ;^)

My love tends to come through in some of my characters. Evande & Ana from the Rebirth series. Taran from the Star Runner Series. And the latest entry? Sway in Lethal Beauty.

An Excerpt From: LETHAL BEAUTYCopyright © SARA BROOKES, 2012All Rights Reserved, Decedent Publishing
“Last time I checked, I’m not a babysitter.” Sway scowled at her commander and wondered what bug had crawled up his ass. It had to be the only explanation for the utter bullshit spewing from his lips.
His bushy black eyebrows drew together, merging to become one. There were countless jokes about those eyebrows, and she tried to think of them to ease some of her anger.
“Then I suggest you start acting like one.” His stern tone erased her efforts.
Tired of being forced into situations simply so she could atone for her past, she wondered why everyone couldn’t just get over it by now. She certainly had.
“This isn’t in my job description.”
Major Connor MacGrady shifted forward, folding his large hands together as he leaned on his elbows. “Lieutenant Commander Waybourne, you are a highly decorated covert operative. Your title alone makes you more than qualified for this job.”
“Which is babysitting.”
“You’re playing escort to Emperor Dason Cavaletti.” His finger tapped against the bright blue minnica inlay on his desk. “There have been five assassination attempts on his life in the past three days and we’ve been asked to help because our resources are the best. Since you’re on administrative leave, you’re the best selection for the job.”
“And you know that leave assignment is a complete fabrication.”
He nodded. “I do. But you know I have to follow procedures.”
More than annoyed now, she closed the space between them. “Screw the procedures, Mac. Put me back out on an op. You and I both know I belong there instead of a fluffy assignment more suited for a cadet in the academy.”
“As much as I would like to do just that, I can’t. You violated ten direct orders because you thought you knew better.”
“I do.”
“And three men on our side died because of your ego. Don’t screw up your career and let your talents go to waste because you let your mouth think for you. Get out of my sight before I discharge you completely from the Elatian Army.” When Sway continued to stand there glaring, Mac sighed heavily. “Look, just do whatever you have to do to keep him alive, safe, and happy.”
Sway lifted an eyebrow in surprise. “Anything?”
Mac lowered his voice. “As long as he stays in one piece once he’s handed over to us, I don’t care. Dismissed.”
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As a covert operative in Elatia’s elite military, Sway Waybourne is used to fending for herself. But a powerful uprising means she’s now responsible for guarding the leader of a neighboring planet. Within seconds of meeting Dason Cavaletti, sparks fly and Sway realizes she’s gotten more than she bargained for.
Dason is curious about the arousal taking over his mind, body, and soul. When he can no longer stand the overwhelming desire, he confronts Sway. But the disturbing news she delivers isn’t at all what he expected. Mating with the gorgeous woman could kill him….
WARNING: Sarcasm galore from a fiery heroine who can take care of herself thank-you-very-much. She won’t take anyone’s guff—even from the leader of the free universe no matter how handsome he is. A unique genetic quirk leads to inventive foreplay, one blazing hot hands-on session in the bathtub and a gender bending encounter that signals this ain’t your father’s Star Trek.
No redshirts were harmed while writing this novel. 

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