Sunday, August 19, 2012

Geeking Out!

Geeking Out!

There are several things I geek out about; Dr. Who updates, Once Upon a Time spoilers, new comic book movies, Sherlock (PBS TV Series) speculation, book updates and sneak peeks from my favorite authors. So many things to get excited over. When I have news or spoilers or updates or just want to speculate I normally go to my fav people; Chris Marie Green (aka Crystal Green, aka Christine Cody), Cynnara Tregarth, Dawn Montgomery and Qwillia Rain to name a few. It’s always fun to share something with people who get it and won’t act like you’ve gone insane because you’re so excited about casting news or a little tidbit that’s been put out via an interview. Even Facebook games get the treatment. Dorky I know.

 All these things can inspire me and my writing, pushing me to be more creative, but in the end it’s all just fun. Now the reason for this blog post: Godzilla.

 You’re probably reading this and thinking, what? Well, it all stems from an article that was posted on E! Online and EW about another Godzilla remake. My first reaction was to remember the Matthew Broderick movie (that my dad loved but I wasn’t too fond of). The only thing that movie had in common with Godzilla was Japan and the name, that’s it. The King of the Monsters that I grew up with was nowhere in sight. No baby Godzilla who could only blow smoke rings and if you really wanted him to defend himself with his father’s infamous nuclear breath you had to step on is tail, no Rodan, no Mothra with those creepy twins that liked to sing. No Anguirus, no other monsters that I grew up watching. Can another Godzilla movie erase the blockbuster that flopped? And okay, all those cheesy movies like Godzilla vs the Smog Monster?

 The skeptic in me says hell no, you guys already screwed up this movie up once. I’ll stick with the classic. The optimist is on the fence. There was comfy cheesiness factor in Godzilla movies, from being able to see where the head of the suit connects with the rest of the costume to the horribleness that was the outfit for King Kong in the King Kong vs Godzilla movie. You had great storylines that could be fun and funny. It was perfect escapism for a kid and for adults who loved the King of the Monsters.

 What more can Hollywood do to Godzilla? How can they redeem or make us forget that “Blockbuster” that went bust where our favorite monster was all but unrecognizable? I don’t know, but I’ll keep watch and hope that this time they get it right. A new generation should fall in love with Godzilla like I did.

 What do you think can Godzilla’s reputation as King of the Monsters be reclaimed for a new generation or are they just gearing us up for another flop?

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