Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hubby Does Good

A co-worker, who is just out of diapers, at my hubby's job told him about a swimming hole.

Now, if you read this blog, you know I live in Vermont but I'm not a native. I'm a city slicker, or as Vermonters would call it, a flat lander. Vermont is our compromise. Hubby wants to live off the land like the settlers did and I want civilization.

Can you say 'opposites attract'?

Anyways, my mother-in-law was visiting and he plans a day trip for all of us.  First stop alpine sliding. Umm...I don't pay to throw myself off the sides of mountains nor would I allow my crazy already-broke-a-bone-this-year 7 year old do it. The two of us stayed on realitivly flat ground doing an obstacle course while the others paid to risk their skin.

So far, hubby's plan = 0

Lunch was at a small Mexican restaurant where I ate Cuban food. Go figure. It was good so I gave him a point.

Hubby = 1

Then came the swimming hole. Do city slickers jump into swimming holes? Not unless a manhole cover was left open and we fell in. I was not excited about this.

Vermont is not known for advertising anything. You have to know someone who knows someone to find anything in this state. I had to plug in coordinates in my GPS so I could find the SPOT ON THE ROAD where to park so we could HIKE into the WILD FOREST to find this hole.

Yeah, this adventure has Annie written all over it.

In my flip flops, cause I'm a hiker, right?, we walked maybe five minutes before seeing this...

Places like this actually exist outside magazines???

This was a three tier'd waterfall with a swim hole at each level. The boys standing on the rocks are jumping into a deep recess. All sandy bottom and cool, crystal clear water. Not a tourist for miles. These are all local folks.

We swam for two hours and I had to drag the kids out because we had a 2 hour drive home. So worth it and I plan on returning next year!

Hubby = a zillion points

I should be more open minded but he loves me anyways.

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Charity said...

That looks amazing! I'm glad you guys had a great trip.

Hailey Edwards said...

LOL That's how it is here. People ask if you want to go swimming, and you're never taken to the same spot twice. There's also Blue Hole. It's a deep, deep hole that's crystal clear and ice the middle of a cow pasture. Go figure.

bn100 said...

That looks like a nice place to visit.


books4me said...

Yep, looks like your hubby deserves those million points...VERY COOL!

books4me67 at ymail dot com