Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Setting a tone

Speaking Wolf—Setting a tone
by Stephanie Beck

When you’re playing with things paranormal, you set yourself up for a lot of option. Depending on which theory you buy into most and which fits your need, you can find yourself playing with werewolves and vampires who have seen many, many years. And if that does occur, deciding how they speak can be a defining moment.

I prefer my paranormal creatures in the here and now—with the exception of vampires and a few others sprinkled in paranormal characters. That leads to werewolves, one of my favorite creatures to write, sounding like any other human—yet, they aren’t.

Where does the difference come in for a character who has a human life span and passes as human? I like to throw them in with the details. My wolves don’t need medical care, so tossing one in a clinic shakes up their world. Need a prescription? Yeah, a werewolf is simply not going to know the process. Or if they do, they know it second hand from watching others or from television.

I think part of the mystique for paranormal readers comes from watching creatures who are strong, faster and exotic walk in a world that the reader walks in every day. I adore when a paranormal character is tripped up by a very basic human thing. Like ordering at the deli counter or painstakingly reading the back of a baby medication bottle and having to search engine half the words to find out how they pertain to a certain situation.

Why do those sorts of things sprinkled in draw me deeper to a character and a story? Because I like a badass, super strong, awesomely capable character to also be…human. Even if it’s just a little bit.

All the best,

Stephanie Beck

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