Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Break...ing Point

This summer break has been nuts. Nuts, I say! I've always found it difficult to stay focused and on task due to working/writing at home. The dirty dishes, dusty floors, cat toys everywhere...and a tween and teenager to pick up after and cook for. Not to even mention Mount Ironing. But come summer break when the kids are at home 24/7, things get really tough! My brain can't handle a multitude of stimulus all at once. I'm getting old, don't ya know?
With what seemed like a ton of releases to balance with family life, I don't know how I've managed to keep up with it all and still say I have more releases coming out for 2012.
I've had to gaffer-tape my plot bunnies mouth's up, use headphones to keep bickering kids silenced, and used timed writing/editing session to keep on top of it all. My white board is immaculate because I'm constantly changing and updating progress and goals. They are right there in front of my writing desk -- in bold red letters. it really helps me stay on track. When I do find time to sit at my desk that is.
What I really need is an extra pair of hands.
And on top of all that, i've been on a baking binge! Who'd have thought it? Me? Miss Burn-A-Lot! But I have successfully mastered the art of the Victorian Sponge Cake, Butterfly Cakes, and Coffee Cake. Hey, it keeps the family quiet for half an hour. The lengths we have to go to as writers to get a bit of piece.
I ask ya!
No, really. I ask you.
What lengths have you gone to for a bit of peace and quiet at home so you can get to your desk and focus on clicking that keyboard?

OH, and I have release news! BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY just released. Can I have a pom pom swish?


The Bone Cruncher hasn’t visited in a while, and Estella thinks it’s something she did. Misery loves company, but she loves food more. Putting on a smile, she musters up an erotic story. But can she make it to the end of the tale without comfort eating?

To onlookers, Seren lived the high life in London with her orchestra conductor of a husband. She had a major case of unrequited love for her best friend, though, so their relationship was doomed from the beginning. Divorce papers served, it’s time for her to go back to her home town on the England-Wales border and face the music.
Owen, now a postman of their little market town, is thrilled to see Seren when he shows up at her doorstep with mail. It’s not long before they’re releasing their pent up lust and love for each other. Within that mail, though, are letters addressed to Seren’s parents. They’re from her ex and hold a truth Seren is too fearful to face. Even with Owen by her side.

Tales from the Coffin series, in order

Strange and Beautiful - out now
All the Pretty Faces - out now
Bittersweet Symphony - out now
Treacle and Treason - out October 26th 2012

eBook signings here!
 FOR MORE ABOUT TALES FROM THE COFFIN VISIT:http://talesfromthecoffin.blogspot.com

Also watch out for Threesome Sweetness, coming soon – Irish Kisses book3.

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