Saturday, August 25, 2012

Watch out for "Watch Me"!

Some of you may know I'm a writer. *cough*
Well, after the howling success of "Howl", you now get to watch out for "Watch Me", the second of the Pack Justice series.
It wasn't intended as a series, but when I submitted Tiffy's publisher insisted I create a series title.
So... Pack Justice it is.
I was going to talk about something else today, but then I thought well...we're soooo close to the release, I may as well give a bit of a headsup.

Here we go.
I can't give you a direct link, as it's not released yet. (Roll on, 3rd September!)
You can preorder it on the Nook, but the Kindle version isn't up until the 3rd.

So what is "Watch Me" about?
Well, any of you who have read "Howl" will have met Tiffy.
She was the troublemaker kid Zalin was trying to find after she ran away.
Now some time has passed and Tiffy has grown up some. She's still a troublemaker and craves nothing more than independence.
Then she claps eyes on Keric, and independence slides down the list in favor of bagging herself a hottie. Keric isn't terribly impressed. He has other things on his mind and those "things" take a turn for the worst when Tiffy enters the picture.
Not to mention, Keric comes with secrets to complement Tiffy's baggage. Little do they know that there are events in their past which could destroy their future.

Did I whet your appetite a little? I hope so.
I really enjoyed writing Tiffy and Keric's story, and revisiting Zalin and Lucia made it twice the fun. Yes, you will meet those two again.
There are no spoilers in the book, and I won't put any here either. You don't have to read Howl to enjoy Watch Me, both are standalone.

Keep your eyes open for some giveaways, too!
I will announce them on my Facebook page, so make sure you check. :)

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