Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spotlight on Lorelei's Song by Maureen O. Betita

Discover a hidden gem with a little something extra for the kink and the play, so what does happen when the sons of Cthulhu stalk a siren? 

Nicholas and Jerrod already know that what others consider a normal human experience is far from the insanity of their heritage. Yet, they still have hope for change. The answer to the primal drive that is slowly tearing their humanity away may rest in that opulent hotel preparing to host its first steampunk convention.

Lorelei is bored and well aware of how she appears; a spoiled, rich girl whose sexual tastes run toward the twisted and unpleasant. Looking to cure the discontentment winding through her soul, she arrives at the convention hoping for diversion. Instead, she finds Nicholas and Jerrod.

When the sons of Cthulhu stalk the daughter of a siren, the world shakes.

His nostrils caught the perfume of something different. Spicy, with a hint of dry driftwood, it wafted by him and he froze. Damn, what the hell was that? A sharp rap on the table made him start. “Fuck.”
“Get up here!” A kick to the calf signaled he was needed.
He rose, rubbing his head, to find Jerrod snatching up a pair of goggles and sliding them on.
“What the hell?”
“My eyes. I can’t—” His kinsman turned his back on the nearly empty room. “I smelled something odd and—”
“Okay, okay. Sit and—”
“Get me the hell out of here!”
Jerrod gripped his arm tightly, head turned so Nicholas could glimpse the shadow of the change on his cheek bones.
Nicholas didn’t think. He wrapped his arms around his cousin and pulled him down to the shadow of the table. He lowered a hand and gripped the steel-rod erection he knew he’d find beneath the loose pants.
He held the rigid cock and whispered, “I smelled her, too. She’s out there. You just have to be stealthy. Be the monster who stalks, blend in. We’ll find her.”
The hollow echo of the deepest crevasse of the ocean reverberated against his bones in the low voice.
“Yeah, we’re gonna find her, and we’re gonna fuck her, and this time, we aren’t going to hold back.”

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