Sunday, December 1, 2013

Deck the Halls with...Ghosts? #Christmas #PNR

Deck the Halls with…Ghosts?

The third ghost book in my Hauntings at Inner Harbor trilogy comes out this month and someone recently asked me why I would release a book about ghosts in a month other than October.

It got me thinking….. Yes, October is the month for all sorts of scary and haunted stuff, but ghosts don’t need a special time of year to hang around. Especially if they have a message to relay or something to resolve in this world. Every month can be a month for ghosts.

Look at Ebenezer Scrooge. The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future didn’t care that it was December—Christmas Eve, in fact. They had a message to get across and they did it when Scrooge needed to understand how his actions affected others. The ghosts from A Christmas Carol aren’t any less effective or (or scary to Scrooge) just because they didn’t appear in October.

In this world, our favorite time to indulge in ghostly movies, decorations and disguises is October but that doesn’t mean it’s the favorite time for ghosts. Have you ever experienced an encounter with a spirit? Like “seeing” someone who recently passed away or dreaming about them? As if they have one last piece of advice for you before they move on to the next world? That’s the premise of my upcoming release, Sidelined Afterlife. The ghost has no idea why he can’t cross over into the next world. So he haunts the last man who touched him before he died—a handsome ER doctor. When the doc can’t figure out who is haunting him or why, he calls on his beautiful psychic neighbor. The two of them must work together to help the ghost figure out what his unfinished business is so he can cross over.
Ghosts are around us year-round. They’re with us for every holiday and every season. December is a terrific month to think about ghosts and loved ones who have moved on, but are with us in spirit only through the holidays.
Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday this year…filled with good spirits of all kinds.
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