Sunday, December 8, 2013

Midwinter Madness

It’s that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere: Midwinter Madness. Not just a shopping spree in worlds where the paranormal is par for the course. The middle of winter, the darkest part of the year, has always held a special place in the human heart. It is a time of cold, privation, hunger, and dread. Add in the paranormal such as vampires and werewolves, and it can be a truly challenging time of year. 
This year, the full moon of December falls on the 17th—its almanac name is the Full Cold Moon, or the Long Nights Moon. In American folklore, it is also associated with the wolf. In the coldest months of the year, hunting might be scarce for werewolves but the freedom would be unparalleled. With so few people out of doors, especially hunters, the forests and hills would be a playground for creatures that hardly feel the cold. 
The long nights are perfect for vampires. The sun sets so early that they can step out and mingle with the common people. What other time of year can a vampire get out and about while the shops are still open? Streets are full of busy people, their guard is down as their minds are on their wallets and their lists, and the hunting is excellent. The thoughtful vampire can scoop up a plump, spoiled little gift for his beloved—almost right off Santa’s lap—while he’s out buying candles and wine. 
The war of the light against the darkness is at its most desperate in the dark days of winter. The celebrations of the season are associated with a great deal of power for the magical set. The Solstice arrives, the tide of the war between the Oak and Holly Kings turns in favour of Holly, the return of the sun comes after it stands still on the shortest days, and the year is reborn. 

 Does the holiday play into your paranormal universes? How do you think your favourite paranormal characters pass this time of year? Is it a time for celebration or a time of danger? 


Veronica Scott said...

I'd never read about Long Night's Moon - fascinating!

Diane Burton said...

I never heard of Long Night's Moon, either. So glad you shared.

Dianne Fox said...

I feel like winter mythologies are full of great little tidbits and inspiration like that. :)

Jane Kindred said...

Ooh, fun post! I actually got chills reading the words "Long Night's Moon". Ha. Because I'm a big dork. Love, love, love this time of year. (But we already knew that.) ;)