Monday, December 2, 2013

Dragon Joined

I am so excited to announce my new release, Dragon Joined.  I should not have been writing it, I had lots of other things to work on, but this story would not leave me alone so I did what we authors do in that situation: I wrote it. And I love it and, I think, its one of the best worlds I've ever visited in my own head.  As the cover suggests, it is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic story.  And it features dragons. 

Here is the blurb

Dean Andrews watched in horror when sixteen-year-old Amanda Sugar was carried away by the dragons. He swore to destroy the beasts before anyone else could be taken. Six years later, he leads his people in a war against the dragons and finds someone he never expected to see again-Amanda, who has grown into a passionately desirable woman.

Amanda has spent the last six years as a prisoner of the most monstrous dragon imaginable. When she lays eyes on Dean she can't believe he is there-she has dreamed of him since she was a teenager. Together they will discover a way to finally end the dragons' rule over humanity, or die trying.

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora's Cave


Chapter One

Above Amanda, the sky appeared so blue. It seemed a terrible day to be executed for stealing. Especially since she hadn't even delivered the bread she'd taken for her starving brother and sister. At least if she'd been caught after feeding them she might feel better about the whole mess.
Made for a woman twice her size, her dark clothes hung from her body. They were all she'd been able to find the last time she'd scrounged around abandoned farmhouses for discarded garments. She knew she looked scruffy compared to the tight-fitting, tucked-in collared shirts and khaki pants the members of the township wore.
The hot sand of the desert burned her feet through the holes in her sneakers. Years of calluses did nothing to protect her from the onslaught of the ground's heat. If she lived through the day, she'd have to find a new pair of shoes. Compared to other places where she and the kids roamed, New Strauss constituted a downright hospitable environment. There were even forests in the distance and a lake on the outskirts of town. If her feet couldn't survive her current environment, she'd never make it anywhere else.
Surrounded by men with guns and restrained by the hard grip of an oversized Enforcer, she couldn't take her eyes from the man who stood directly in front of her. Dean Andrews.
This day-the sixth of the seventh solstice-happened to be her seventeenth birthday. Not that she'd had any kind of a celebration.
Rubbing her nose, she stared up at the face of the person who would be her executioner and prayed to a god she didn't believe in for one more day on the planet to make things right. Not for her. But for her little sister and brother. They were hidden away in a barn miles away from New Strauss and would starve to death if she never returned with the food. Unless the Wanderers found them. If that happened, Lily would be sold into slavery and any number of horrific, unthinkable things could happen to Steven. Starving to death would be a blessing in comparison to abuse by the Wanderers.
Dean stared down at her, his curly brown hair blowing in the warm wind. Mama had always said that Dean Andrews had been born with steel in his spine and a temper that could shatter the stars. Right now, his blue eyes showed none of the anger she knew he must feel. No one robbed the leader of New Strauss. Even the Wanderers understood what would happen if they crossed Dean.
I'm such a giant idiot.
"Amanda Sugar."
She blinked rapidly as his words penetrated her constant inner dialogue. With no one to talk to except two six-year-olds, she'd long ago given up expecting adult conversation. Being on the run didn't let her meet too many other sixteen-year-olds. And she never spoke to respectable adults if she could help it. That just led to more questions and interference in things that were none of their damn business.
"You know me?" She rubbed at her nose. It seemed to be itchy today. Her knees weakened. At least if she passed out from starvation, she wouldn't be awake when Dean chopped off her head.

I hope you'll check it out and Happy December everyone! Let's make it a great one!


Veronica Scott said...

Best wishes with the new book, love dragons (who doesn't???)...sounds exciting!

Liza O'Connor said...

I love this book. Rebecca Royce takes dragons to a whole new level.