Monday, December 30, 2013

Paranormal Brainz

I know, you all think I'm writing about zombies, but nope. I am writing about paranormal writer's brains!

Writing speculative romance is the most fun! It is daydreaming, with plot points. How many of us were awful daydreamers as children? Staring into space, thinking of castles instead of doing our long division? Or, in later youth, on a date with a Lost Boy you reformed with your love instead of doing an essay? How many of us 'trained' from childhood to be paranormal writers?How many books, TV shows and movies have we loaded into our brain? Who can stll quote zingers from Buffy or Young Frankenstein?

I know my paranormal love goes back to childhood. Ghost stories were pretty popular when I was young!

Now that we are writers such dreams can turn into the fabric of a story we craft.

Ideas can come from just anywhere. Recently there was a news story about a Russion ship stuck in ice. International ice breakers were off to the rescue, and the first ship to reach them was the Chinese icebreaker, Snow Dragon.

(c) Can Stock Photo 

Ohhh. Snow dragon! Alabastor scales glittering in the icy winter light... I feel a character coming on. And they will have baggage, because how hard must it be to be a snow dragon shifter? Or maybe the heroine is a snow dragon--in the middle of LA! Or a single mom finds her adopted child is a snow dragon shifter...the brainstorming begins. Or her child brings home an unusual pet...

Don't you love your job?

I don't actually have time to write that story right now, but I can put the idea in a folder. And I can do a quick web search for a picture. Then one day, I just might write this!

Or maybe one of you will!

Melisse Aires

By Moonlight, a Collection of Paranormal shorts and novellas!


Veronica Scott said...

I am now eagerly awaiting the ice dragon story!!!

Melisse Aires said...

I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze it in!