Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paranormal Weather

by Stephanie Beck

The last few weeks, Minnesota has gone through what I call a paranormal phase. That or menopause. Or maybe it tried some experimental drug that had unforeseen side effects.

I know we're not the only ones getting the crazy weather, so, my heart goes out to those who also got a foot of snow in mid-April. I think if we hadn't gotten a few really nice days, maybe, I would have been fine with the temperatures dropping again. But no. We had 70 degree days, followed by snow. And then more snow. But this weekend was beautiful and the rest of the week is supposed to be warm, sunny and very spring-like.

Ah, the kicker: This sort of thing is very normal in Minnesota. Last year, we had snow in late May. We catch all these weather systems coming from the west and because we can still get cold fronts from the north, bam, snow later in the season. Every year, we claim we are 'surprised' when really, we're ticked at ourselves for not moving to a warmer climate when we had the chance!

So, what is the paranormal element in Minnesota weather? I'm going to say it is the situational amnesia the Minnesota humans employ when that first blast of warm air blows in and we all think it is really spring and we put away snow boots in favor of flip flops...only to have to get the boots out the following week so we can shovel. Good thing, for the most part, Minnesotans are hearty people. We can handle the disappointment--the dollop of chocolate and family at Eastertime really helps with the lingering blahs as well.'

But not what it is 'late' April, this Minnesota girl is ready to get her yard cleaned up, pull out the capri pants, and open all the windows. If next week I need to get out the snow shovel, put on snow pants and turn the furnace on again...well, I'll fall back on Minnesota Nice and grin and bare it.

All the best,
Stephanie Beck

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