Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You Shift into WHAT?

Over the years I've seen a lot of shapeshifters claw and bite their way into our lives. Wolves, obviously... but there's been a plethora of other creatures sneaking in on the edges, digging for our attention. It's interesting to see how other animals have come into their own as options for writers looking for something a bit off the beaten track, as it were - after all you can only write so many werewolves before it becomes bothersome. And once you've been bitten and clawed by one hot alpha wolf you've been... well, you get it. There's a challenge in writing something that's not going to go over well-trod ground and going to appeal to you as a reader.

The obvious is to find another animal. Something else for your poor hero or heroine to be cursed with, some other creature for them to shift into and to deal with both the positive and negative aspects of. But where to go?

Let's look at what other animals have made it onto the shifter list:

Bears. Lions. Tigers. Oh, MY....

Dragons. Bulls. Cats. Hedgehogs... wait. Hedgehogs?

*flips through book listings*



So I'll make this short and sweet - what's the strangest shifter story you've read, seen, written or would WANT written?

Griffin? Unicorn? Snake? Dinosaur? Poodle?

Let's do some brainstorming and maybe some lucky author will fulfill your shifter dream!



Anonymous said...

Hedgehog, lol I guess that's Mina Carter and Celia Kyle's story :) I've written a Raven shifter story and I do like to read about different shifters. Eve Langlais FUC series has bears, bunnies, croc, swan and falcon.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

The strangest I've written so far are werehyenas, weregargoyles and wereunicorns. The strangest I've come across would probably be Laurell K Hamilton's shifters. It's been a while since I've read her but I know she had rats in there.

Donna said...

Stella Price has an Octopus shifter that is totally yummy. I know right!

Court said...

My hero in Kona Warrior shifts to and from a shark. He's a Hawaiian aumakua, gaurdian god.


Veronica Scott said...

My hero in Priestess of the Nile is Sobek the Crocodile God so he shifts guessed it - a crocodile. But not just ANY crocodile!