Friday, August 8, 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy is here! Okay, it’s not quite paranormal—are superheroes paranormal? There’s a sentient tree and a talking raccoon in it. Good enough!  We’re not picky when it comes to great media that involves the not-quite-human and GotG skirts the edges between science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy like the best superhero properties often do.

We’re looking forward to GotG, though we haven’t had a chance to see it yet. Our schedules aren’t being kind to us this summer. One of the reasons we’re looking forward to it is our furry friend (and we say that tentatively, since we know his temper), Rocket Raccoon. Everyone loves Groot—he is Groot. Of course we love him.

Nebula and Gamora are great female characters who actually get some screen time and have interesting storylines of their own. We’re definitely looking forward to that as well. Dave Batista, who plays Drax, said about the female characters in the movie: “…it really feels good to see that strong woman. She’s not just sitting in the background. She’s got that sweet side to her but she’s definitely, I mean, she’s strong, intelligent, independent. She’s a character within herself. She stands out.” We’re here for that!

It turns out that the script was written by a woman, Nicole Perlman. This is a first for Marvel and it’s about time. Perlman apparently wrote Jane Foster’s scenes in Thor as well. We’re thrilled that GotG is not only written by a woman but is also doing really well at the box office as well as—we hear—being just plain good.

Women are exceptionally well-represented in romance writing and in some other genres but still left out of other sandboxes. Even more than we want to see GotG, we’re looking forward to seeing the that that it’s no big deal that a woman wrote the screenplay for the latest hit movie. Some day this’ll be the answer to a trivia question, though: Nicole Perlman and that movie with the talking raccoon.

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We talk science fiction here too - enjoyed the post!