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#Christmas Cards and Dying #Traditions with @MeganSlayer ... Plus an #Excerpt of Frost Moon

Tucker Corporation Christmas Card, 1947
By Alden Jewell (Tucker Corporation Christmas Card, 1947)
[CC BY 2.0 (
or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I'm sitting and staring at my tree, watching the needles tumble to the ground. I've kept the tree watered, but they only last for so long. But looking at the tree got me thinking about how pretty it was and how it would've made a good Christmas card image. 

I wrote out many cards this year. It's usually an undertaking, but well worth the time. It's funny. I read somewhere that the tradition of sending actual cards is on the decline. People don't want to send cards when they can send e-cards or emails or something else. I like those cards, but there's something about a paper card in my hands that says Holiday Time! 

Maybe it's knowing that the person thought enough of me to send the actual card or hearing from family that I haven't heard from in a long time, but I enjoy getting the cards and writing them out. 

I'm one of those odd individuals who actually likes writing by hand. My script is horrible, but I like it. I also love the older traditions of the holidays - like writing cards, taking a drive to look at the Christmas lights and caroling. Those bits showed up in my work this year, too. In Frost Moon, my hero went to sit on Santa's lap (not like that, it was totally innocent). He asked for what he wanted this year. Did he get his wish? Well, you'll have to read Frost Moon to find out.

What about you? Any traditions you have to do each year? What are your favorites? Let me know. :-)

Frost Moon  
Book 3 in the Moon Series
MLR Press
Contemporary, Paranormal, LGBT
M/M, Anal Sex
Jagger doesn’t want much for the holidays—just an angel for Christmas.
Christmas is the time to heal wounds and come together, especially if you’re an angel. Michael’s job for the last few hundred years has been to clean up the messes created by the humans and the demons. Although he loves his job, he wants more this Christmas than to watch everyone else be merry and bright. He loves the holiday and wants to share the day with someone special…especially once he sees Jagger. The sexy, but sad looking man has confessed he hates Christmas. Can a Christmas angel really sway the Scrooge and help him find more than just the beauty in Christmas?

EXCERPT!! ©Megan Slayer, 2014,  All Rights Reserved

“Now, have you been good this year?”
“I’ve done the best with what I’ve got,” Jagger answered. He wasn’t kidding. He liked sex. He liked to mingle. There might have been an occasion or two where he’d had a few too many and gone home with a guy only to have the relationship last as long as the blow job, but who was honestly a total angel?
“I see. I’ll have to keep my eye on you.” Santa shifted in his seat. “What would you like for Christmas?”
“An angel.” 
“A what? A porcelain one?”
“No, no. Like the old song. An angel sent to me.” He’d loved that Shelly Fabares song so much. So the tune was hokey and the words were dated…he didn’t care.
“Ah. What do you want her to look like?” Santa asked.
Oh boy. Jagger fought the urge to roll his eyes. “I’d like him to be at least six feet tall. Brown hair. Shaggy hair, like just rolled out of bed shaggy. Blue eyes. Nice smile. Not a ton of chest hair. Great personality. Oh, and I want him to be the boyfriend type.” That about summed up what he’d wanted.
“You’re thorough.” Santa rubbed his chin. “That’s a tall order, pardon the pun.”
“I know. I figure you’re my last hope. I’ve tried meeting guys on my own. Tried the dating scene, the website thing, and the set up by friends thing. None of it has worked. If you can’t, then I’m hopeless, and December will forever suck.”
“Aren’t you positive?” Santa paused. His dark eyes glittered. “Does his name have to be Johnny?”
“If you have this man come to you, you’ll enjoy the holiday?” Santa asked.
“I will.” Granted, he wanted the man to stick around and be more than short term, but love wasn’t going to happen overnight. 
“Well, I’ll see what can be done. You’re cutting it mighty close.”

“Don’t I know it.” 

* * * * *
Megan Slayer - It's Always Fun to Squirm

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