Friday, July 29, 2016

I Can't Write Today...I've Got Cat Fur in My Keyboard with @MeganSlayer

Silly title for a blog post, eh? I think so. The sad part? It's true. I had to spend more than half an hour this morning cleaning out my keyboard because it was clogged with cat fur. Now don't get the wrong idea. I don't let the cats live on my computer. Heck, I spend a lot of time trying to get them to leave me alone while I'm writing. It doesn't work, but I try.

Like right now. I've got two cats observing everything I'm doing. Why? Because they can. The black on is extremely interested in the freshly cleaned keyboard - don't you know that's where paws are supposed to go? He's also interested in the plastic bag he keeps tapping with his tail as he swishes it. All of the while, he's staring at me. I'm not sure what he thinks I'm going to do. It's not dinner time. Won't be for at least twelve more hours. Ah... now the pen I was using to jot down notes is in my lap because said black cat chose it as a toy. I also have smaller sheets of paper I have left over from a con where I did a 'write our own story' situation. It was a fun situation and everyone had a piece of paper where they wrote five words we could use to start a story or keep it going. I had more than enough paper, so a bunch of it came home with me. I use it for notes instead of buying sticky notes. Needless to say, some get lost. But that's another story. Right now, the black cat is pushing those papers across the desk in an attempt to ensure gravity does indeed work.

And...he's proven gravity does exist.

Then there's fast orange. We named him that because well...he's not very fast and DH had a can of Fast Orange cleaner in the garage. He's more like Garfield. He sits. He observes and he's cranky. He's also going on twelve years old. Anyway, he's to my left. It's like being surrounded by Halloween - orange and black. But I digress. Back to fast orange. He's on my left chewing on a notebook. Yes, chewing on it. Why? Probably because he can. I haven't added many notes to said notebook, so it's not super vital at the moment, but when it will be...he'll be there.

I've also got a dog on the couch near the desk. She's snoring. Gagging in her reverse sneeze sort of way and passing gas. It's a real party in my office.

I didn't mention my 'office' is really a multi-purpose room containing my desk, my books and a dog couch plus various cat toys. Yeah, it's not exactly conducive to working sometimes.

With all of this said, is it no wonder sometimes that I don't get much done. I'm sure I'm not the only author with pushy critters and fur in places it doesn't belong. I can't be. But this got me thinking about shifters. When the wolf/panther/lion/etc is in his or her shifted form, they have to shed. I mean, what animal doesn't? I'd almost hate to be the author who has the lion shifter in my home and has to clean up after that shedded fur. Almost. I mean, if the lion looked like Chris Evans or James McAvoy...I might make a few exceptions.

Just sayin'.

So speaking of Shifters... here's a little about my latest shifter story, Finding His Roar:

Finding His Roar by Megan Slayer Sanctuary, Book 6Resplendence PublishingM/M, Anal Sex, MasturbationContemporary, Paranormal, Erotic RomanceNovella (130 pages)Art by Kris NorrisAn AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller!
Breaking down and asking for help could be the key to his salvation.
Chris isn’t like the shifters at Sanctuary. Born in a zoo and on the run now that he can shift, he’s looking for a place to belong. When he breaks down outside of Cambridge, not far from the Sanctuary, he thinks he’s done for. He’ll be caught, returned to the zoo or worse… He’s always been a survivor, but even Chris has demons he can’t quite outrun. He’s being hunted. He’ll need some help—if he’s willing to accept his fate.
Luke Stephens wants nothing more than to get over his ex-boyfriend. The lawyer can argue cases with ease, but not the one that mattered. That is until he meets Chris. The shifter provokes Luke and brings out his natural instinct to protect. He’s intrigued and Chris is so handsome.

Will Luke be man enough for the shifter or will the danger come between them before they can get the fire started?
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Diane Burton said...

I'm not a cat person (and Hubs is allergic), but we keep finding dog hair six years after the last one went on to her just rewards. What an interesting shifter story your cats would make. Best wishes.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

I agree. They would be interesting. :-)