Friday, October 28, 2016

Dwarf by Barbara Edwards

The first thought most people have about a dwarf is one of the seven dwarves in Snow White. Disney did a wonderful job of introducing them as cute, friendly helpful beings. It isn’t until the chase of the wicked witch that their violent side is revealed. 

The dwarves in the Hobbit are more frightening. they are determined to fight for their goal. Dwarves are in Norse mythology, German and several others. they are ususally depicted as short and ugly.

Having a dwarf in your garden is a way to protect your property from attack. You should carefully check to see if they’ve moved during the night. This indicates they are paroling. 

Many of the popular video games feature fighting dwarves. 

I have three dwarves right now and am looking for more. it’d not easy to find the right ones. I have policeman who is a play-off of my retired policeman husband. I have a gardener with a wheelbarrow for my love of gardening. then the last is a dwarf sitting and watching. I put him under some large leaves and he kept guard. 

My next paranormal will have dwarves in their more common role of miners guarding treasure. Its been interesting researching them. 

I know they need help from my heroine to keep their treasure safe. And my hero doesn’t believe in magic so here we go. I plan to have it ready next year.

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Diane Burton said...

Great post, Barbara. I think of the dwarfs in The Hobbit and LOTR instead of Snow White's buddies. They can be nasty yet helpful.

CJ Burright said...

I love those garden dwarves! They always remind me of the movie Amelie and the traveling dwarf. :)