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The Amazing World of the Paranormal ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #ParanormalRomantics

Hi everyone ~ this is my very first blog post here at Paranormal Romantics and I’m very happy to be here. First, let me apologize for being late. I have lost a day somewhere in there and thought today was only the 16th. If you look at the blog, you can tell I added my bio and my book cover…all in anticipation of the 17th’s blog post…and here I almost missed it! Bad me!

I need to let you all know that I write everything from super hot contemporary to hard core science fiction but the worlds I love best to do are those in the paranormal realm. There is nothing more magical than building your own world then making things happen in that world. I love all sorts of things that go bump in the night and have written books about vampires, shifters, paranormal hunters and investigators and even time traveling detectives intent upon saving our world as we know it.

I love the lore and ideas that are steeped within the paranormal. It’s amazing many of our fears come from our original superstitions against things we didn’t understand. Things like werewolves and vampires and even things like wendigos can all find their basis within the history of human kind.

The idea of vampires have existed for millennia going as far back as Mesopotamia but the current phenomena as we know it has only been around since the 18th century. It comes mainly from Europe and come from the verbal traditions of the many ethnic groups of the area. They were thought evil beings who preyed on the living to get their sustenance while at the same time passing along their evil. In many areas, it became so pervasive that there were public executions of people who were thought to be these beings.

Werewolves have also been around for a long, long time. Some early sources of their existence remain in the works of the Roman Petronius (27-66) and the European Gervase of Tilbury (1150-1228).  It mainly came about as people tried to come to grips with their new Christian faith and the folklore of their area. I could write a whole paper on the specifics as there is so much documentation as to when this phenomena came to be. Unfortunately, it was lumped together with the witch-trials and there were many people who were persecuted or killed if someone in power thought they were a werewolf.

Wendigos are much more interesting as they actually arose from Algonquian folklore right here in the new world. It is associated with cannibalism, murder and insatiable greed. The monster can have characteristics of a human or a spirit who has possessed a human. This creature also has a modern medical equivalent called Wendigo psychosis that some indigenous communities see as environmental destruction and insatiable greed to get money. It is a very interesting phenomena.

But I love things a little more closer to home. One of my current works-in-progress is about a psychic paranormal investigator with the touch, meaning psychometry, who is pushed into the world of paranormal. Serenity Donovan is without the training her mother would have given had she lived. But since she doesn’t, she has to learn for herself. In wanting to know the character, I’ve been writing her diaries and short stories from the time she was left alone until the first novel occurs. She has a sexy ghost for a side-kick and I can’t wait to introduce everyone to this character. The first month of her diary and short story will be available November 1 on my series blog, The JR Chronicles. Here’s a little sneak peak of both:

January 2009

1 ~ Mom always said I should take notes and I guess today’s the day I start. I miss her. I miss her telling me what to do, how to handle JR and…well…just everything. Not much of a way to start a new business, is it?

2 ~ Second day and the phone hasn’t made a sound. Did Mom have to wait this long?

3 ~ I’m telling you. I’m going crazy. I mean who wouldn’t in my position. I have been studying for this since I can remember. And that’s not all I can remember. The number one thing on that list…meeting Jasper Ryan or JR for short depending on my mood…I mean, it’s not every day a girl meets a ghost and then gets told he will always be her partner. Geez…I was only nine when I first saw him…glad I never told my Mom then. I’m sure she’d be smacking me on my head for thinking he’s hot now. Actually more than hot. How about incredible?

4 ~ Other than drooling over JR again, da nada. How many ways can one say nothing?

Spring’s Pesky Imp

I’m sure you think this is about the season. It isn’t. It’s all about the imp who was terrorizing those who waited for the Vegas bus in the town square of Spring, Nevada.
Spring should have been a ghost town by now but with its proximity to Sin City and the mountains still loaded with silver, it had managed somehow to limp into the 21st century. Today, strewn amongst the historic homes, there were tract houses along with the inevitable mansions of the wealthy, none of whom were famous beyond the borders of Nevada. Many casino execs didn’t want their families in the city and came to Spring to live their idyllic dream in a small town.
But today isn’t even about the imp. It’s about my ability to make it go away, leave the fair people of my hometown to their own devices and therefore, none the wiser, for the supernatural event happening in their midst.

And finally, here’s the logline for the first novel in this series called Angels and Demons ~

A mystery, a ghost and me…how much fun can one girl have?

What do you all think? I’d be happy to hear from you, so don’t forget to leave a comment and you’ll be thrown into my monthly drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. See you next month!



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Fun post, Lynn - love the idea of a psychic paranormal investigator!

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Great blog, Lynn! And the books look great too! Thanks for sharing such interesting "right here" folklore! That's always fun.

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Fascinating, Lynn. Love learning about different creatures. Your diary and story sound so interesting. You are the Queen of Loglines. :)

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