Tuesday, October 4, 2016

You Say Witch like it's a Bad Thing

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My girls don’t want to grow up. They sometimes act as if they must squeeze all the fun, leisurely things in life into the last few years before they graduate from high school. 

I often contemplate their unusual desire, since I thought I’d been eager to grow up at that age, but then I realize, a lot of the time “Adulting” just stinks.

Things Adults Miss

The things we wanted to get grow out of all those years are what we now strive to recapture:

  •      We never wanted to go to bed- adults kill for nap time
  •       We couldn’t wait to see the world- most adults favorite thing is staying home
  •        Kids complain when they have nothing to do- adults rejoice when they have nothing to do

 Halloween Lets You Be a Kid Again

But there is one magical time of the year in which we can all be a kid again—or whatever we want and that time is now, Halloween. 

Halloween gives us the opportunity to become the character of our choosing, if only for a day.

Although part of me realizes I write paranormal/fantasy—and often about witches—is the ability to rebel against the adult responsibilities and vicariously create a life free from the boundaries adulthood brings all year long. 

A little magic can go a long way.

The witches in my stories are just normal people with a little more.

  • Lucy, from Witch You Were Here: Well, Lucy’s just a little more…everything.
  • Hope, from Destiny Calling: Emotions 
  • Sabrina, from Forget Me Not: Visions 
  • Carman, from Grandma Must Die: Unpredictable, Powerful 
  • Celeste, from That Magic Moment: Healing 

Yet in all my years of celebrating Halloween, I don’t remember ever dressing up as a witch. (Here’s a pic of one of my costumes from a post of Halloween past.)

According to the National Retail Federation’s 2016 Halloween Consumer TopCostumes Survey a witch costume the #1 costume for 35+ year olds.

Costumes for 35+ year-olds:.

1 – Witch                                  13.7%
2 – Pirate                                  4.7%
3 – Political                               4.1%
4 – Vampire                              3.9%
5 – Batman character                 3.5%
6 – Animal                                 3.2%
7 – DC Superhero or Star Wars  3.1%
8 – Ghost and Zombie               2.5%
9 – Scary Costume/Mask           2.2%
10 – Marvel Superhero               2.0%

 Proving once again, that the older you get, the more you want to believe in magic. Or perhaps you’re seeking a spell to cast.

Yet, despite my girl's resistance of approaching anything resembling adulthood, this year they hesitated when I asked what they were going to dress up as this year. 

They’re starting to worry they’re too old to dress up. 

Too old for Halloween?! Never. 

I hope they’ll change their mind, because who doesn’t love the magic of being whoever, or whatever you want for at least one day?

So maybe this year will be my witch costume year? 
How about you, what’s your favorite Halloween costume?

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Sophia Kimble said...

Great post....The only costume I have is Alice in Wonderland, but love it.

Maureen said...

Oh I bet that is an adorable costume, Sophia! I'd often love to escape down the rabbit hole ;) Thanks for stopping by!

Author GE Stills said...

Great post. In my opinion Halloween is the best holiday of the year.

Maureen said...

Thank you GE- I agree! No presents to buy, no cooking to do- just candy to eat and you get to play dress up :)

CJ Burright said...

Yes, Halloween is the best! I love the valid excuse to dress up and pretend to be a creature of the night, no judgment. :)

Maureen said...

Thanks for stopping by CJ :)

Susan Coryell said...

Oh, yes! Every Halloween a neighbor hosts an awesome party. Some folks don't dress up, but I ALWAYS do! I have posed as a Geisha Girl (speaking "Japanese" and serving saki), as a 60's flower girl complete with long wig hair and tie-dye clothes and a witch--even without a mask people did not know who I was! I LOVE this kind of fun! No need to ever outgrow Halloween!

Maureen said...

Wow Susan- even though I don't care for saki- I'd love to stop by and see your Geisha Girl- how fun!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Love the info! I haven't done Halloween in years...might have to.
Good luck and God's blessings

Maureen said...

Thanks Pam. I'm glad I got you thinking about Halloween! :)

Kayden Claremont said...

I love to dress up in costumes. This year I'm going to be a 1950's bobby socker.

Maureen said...

What a fun costume Kayden!

Diane Burton said...

I used old bathroom curtains--black with fuzzy trim (a weird decorator)--to make a witch costume for my daughter one Halloween. Turned out really cute.

Love your comparison of what kids & adults want. Great.

Nancy Gideon said...

That's why Halloween is my favorite holiday! The kid inside comes alive. And then there's the candy corn . . .

Maureen said...

Diane- what a great idea for a witch dress- how cute! Nancy- don't forget the candy pumpkins- it's like a shot of sugar- but delicious! Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Victoria Craven said...

Great blog! You are so right about teenagers. I think it's this is a universal thing. We all felt the same way about growing up. I love my naps

Maureen said...

Thanks for visiting Victoria!