Saturday, June 10, 2017

Creating Your Own Fantasy

I have to confess, I’m a fantasy reader. I love the genre, and can’t get enough of it. If the author can transport me to another world, I’m hooked. Technically it’s not considered paranormal, but the elements are there. Wizards, mages, psychics, empaths, and ghosts, same as the paranormal.

Currently, I’m on the fifth book of Michael G. Manning’s Mage Saga. That man can create a world and make you see his vision like very few can. Other great authors I found are good is, C. Greenwood, Sara T. Roeti, Terry Brooks, Ron Collins, and D.W. Jackson to name a few. You may not find these authors on the New York Times Best Seller list, but there work is phenomenal. They suspend reality and make it easy to step into their world. I’ve used them to inspire my own work.

Of course we can’t forget J.R.R. Tolkien, one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time. His books have transcended through the years. He made you love Frodo, Aragorn, and Legolas.

There is nothing better than creating a world of your own and walking around in it. The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing Sci-Fi, Vampires, Shifters, or Ghost stories, as authors we are creating worlds the reader can live in.

I write what’s considered paranormal historical, yet I don’t use specific times or places. I’ve created my own. I did research on the medieval time period for a point of reference, but I didn’t want to be tied down by events, politics, or specific people. I wanted the freedom to use my own imagination, but that is a personal choice. Many authors do a great deal of research that add authentication to their stories that people can relate to.

The lines between paranormal and fantasy are now blurred. There is a freedom we didn’t have before. As a matter of fact adding romance to fantasy just makes sense. Guys who read fantasy swear they aren’t reading romance but they are kidding themselves.They cheer when the hero and heroine to get together. You can't say they don't. 

In all the fantasies I’ve read there is always a romantic element. A partner that helps the hero evolve. That’s what makes a story great.

Ultimately, we are all fantasy writers. That’s what makes writing fun.

What kind of world do you live in?

Here is an excerpt of my paranormal/fantasy for Destiny’s Promise. Tell me what you think.

“Randolf!” Disa shouted.
He came out of the shadows with two balls of lightning, one in each hand.
“I warned you to stay away from her.”
“She came to me.”
“She doesn’t know who you really are.”
“What are you talking about?” Carina shouted over the wind.
“Tell her, Disa. Tell her it’s been you all along making her ill.”
It suddenly occurred to Carina that the moment she took the earrings out of her ears she actually had felt better. “Disa, what did you do?”
“I was just having a little fun.”
Disa sent a blast at Carina and she flew through the air, landing hard enough to knock the wind out of her.”
Randolf ran over to her and stood between her and Disa. “Stay behind me,” he shouted.
He sent a blast toward Disa, but it bounced off a protection shield. She returned fire, but with a wave of his hand he threw it aside toward the cottage. A window exploded the fire spread inside.
Randolf raised his arms and lightning shot out of the sky. Disa barely had time to throw up her shield.
For Carina it was like a bad dream. Disa’s face was almost demonic with her rage. How could Carina not know what Disa was? The evil that Anadar warned her about was in this woman. The thought of what she could have done to her when Carina had run away, what she had in fact planned to do to her, sent chills running along her spine.
The fire in the cottage was growing and she could feel the heat, but it didn’t warm her. Randolf seemed too preoccupied to notice. “Randolf, we need to move away.” He didn’t seem to hear her. He was too focused on Disa.
Thank you for reading my blog and I will be talking to you soon. 


Diane Burton said...

I enjoyed your post, Victoria. When a writer builds a world that seems so real that I can see it, that is wonderful. As you say, Tolkien made his world believable. I read it to my 6th graders (years ago) and they were enthralled. Nobody shifted around, no rustling papers. Can you imagine 30 6th graders being quiet? When we find an author who transports us into her/his world, we need to take notes--when we can tear ourselves out of the story.

CJ Burright said...

I grew up on fantasy, and it's definitely my first reading love. I used to refuse to read anything that didn't include castles, swords, and magic! Now, if there's romance too...perfection. :)

Hywela Lyn said...

Loved your excerpt Victoria, and enjoyed the post! I writ and read both SF and Fantasy and I think my SF romances definitely have an element of fantasy as well!