Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fall In Love All Over Again . . . For The First Time by Nancy Gideon

How often have we wished to recapture that first glow of love that the passing of time seems to tarnish? When I brought back my "By Moonlight" fan favorite couple, Max and Cee Cee, who anchored the series with the initial four books, after teasing readers with peek-a-boo appearances in the four book "Shadows" spin off books, I realized a lot of time had passed (almost 7 years!) since they steamed up the pages to reviewer raves, and new readers hardly knew them at all. So, in keeping with where the plotline was taking the series, I brought my fav couple back . . . to fall in love all over again when she rescues him from the hands of their enemies only to find out they'd stolen his memories . . . in REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT, my first self-pubbed book. I loved everything about it - control over story, cover, promotions, blurb - everything (an OCD dream come true!) and especially returning this magical pair, my shapeshifter bad boy and his take no prisoners NOPD detective mate. Here's a tease . . . (and for how this scene begins, skip over to my MAIN BLOG for today's post.)

“I’m sorry.”

In lieu of explanation, Cee Cee simply leaned into him, resting her cheek upon his broad back, slipping her other arm about his waist in a loose circle. Her palm rode his slow, even breaths. For a long moment, he didn’t move, then his voice rumbled like distant thunder.

“Whatchu sorry about, cher?”

“For taking things for granted.”  She sighed then just let go of all the confusion. “I’m so used to you getting me.  You’re the only one who does.  You know me better than I know myself.  You’ve always been one step ahead, knowing what I want, what I need,  just the right things to do or say. I never had a connection like that to anyone else. Not to my father who I thought walked on water, not to Babineau who’s had my back on the street for years, not even Mary Kate who shared all my secrets. None of them understood the things I kept in my closet.”

Silence, then a husky, “What do you have in your closet that you only shared with me?”

She chuckled and gave him a swat. “Not a literal closet, Savoie.”

“Oh. Forgive me for thinking naughty thoughts. You tend to inspire them, sha.”

Her arm tightened about him as he lifted her other hand to his lips for a light stroke.

“It’s where we locked away our fears, our darkness, our pain. We’d just started to do some serious housecleaning together when—I lost you.”

“You haven’t lost me, Charlotte. I’m right here.”

“I know you are.” Her voice hitched slightly. “It’s just so hard, Max. So hard to be with you and still feel so far apart. To expect things that aren’t returned. Silly things like a joke that only we understand. Signals that aren’t received. I feel like I’m standing on the outside again, and I know it has to be the same for you.  I tend to forget that I’m not the only one frustrated here. I’ve been too focused on my own situation to consider yours. That’s why I’m sorry. I want us to be in this together, not standing apart and alone.  I don’t want to lose you, Max. I can’t go through the pain of that again.”

He turned, releasing her hand so his could cup her cheek in his palm.  His thumb brushed away the tears that threaded through rain drops. His features were drawn in dramatic plays of light and shadow, his eyes bright, the only splash of vivid color upon that stark palette. He was breathtaking, and hers was gone. She held herself still and left herself open, something she’d never been able to do with anyone but him.  She didn’t try to hide to her vulnerability. Or her longing.

“I’m not going anywhere, Charlotte.”

And being self-pubbed, this OCD freak has control of the price, too. So through June 30, REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT is ON SALE for only $1.99 as part of my "FROM MIDNIGHT TO MOONLIGHT" price slashing tour. What a great chance to jump into a new series (or two)!! And as a bonus, I'm also giving away a $10 Amazon gift certificate to a lucky tour follower (hop over to the TOUR PAGE for deets).

wo series to sink your teeth into - Vampires AND Shapeshifters all at a low, low price.

If you need more convincing, here's a visual behind the scenes look at REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT . . .

Happy Summer and Happy Reading!!

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Diane Burton said...

Wow, Nancy. That scene is so powerful. It hit me hard, just like the first time I read it.

Nancy Gideon said...

Thanks, Di!!