Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Back East!

In mid-January (new year, new decisions, right?), I decided on a big life change. I was going home…
Back East. Back to South Carolina. Back to the red clay soil of the Piedmont area and the only family I have left.

So, I began looking around for a new home.  First, I had to sell my house in Texas, and that happened lightning quick.  We listed it on the MLS Friday night and by Monday—with the realtor’s sign never having gone up—it was under contract at above listing price!  Now, I’m in a pickle.  In approximately a month, I’ll have nowhere to go.

The housing market in my hometown of Anderson, SC is really tight now. It’s definitely a seller’s market. I lost 5 houses before I could get a contract in on them.  There was a house in the area of town where I wanted to buy, a brick ranch with a side sunroom ad a turquoise door.  I thought it was really cute, but never had interest in looking at it because I thought it was too small…not that I need a palace…but the rooms appeared smallish in the listing photos.

In mid-February, I went home to look at houses.  I still didn’t want to look at this one.  For the space,  I thought it was overpriced.  I went back to Texas ‘empty-handed’.  Finally, my realtor talked me into sending my aunt to look at the little brick house.

She loved it!

It has a marvelous chef’s kitchen, for one thing, and it was much bigger than I thought.   So then the negotiations began.  The long-and-short of it, several offers and counteroffers flew back and forth, but in the end, I have a contract on the brick house right beside a big Baptist church separated by a tall, white picket fence.

Next post will most likely be from the Palmetto State.

But this is a Paranormal Romance blog.  Well, I have 3 paranormal romances now available in audio:

Love For Sale is about Christian and March.  March is a disenchanted dreamer. Christian is her dream man, but…inside he’s all circuits and wires while outside he is perfectly human and programmed to love her unconditionally.
Morgan D’Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody is an anthology of stories told by my favorite of my characters. Morgan is an English lord, a concert pianist...and a vampire.
Love for Sale and Rhapsody are read by a woman with a lovely British accent and are enchanting to listen to.  Here are the links:
Her General in Gray is a ghostly love story. Think the Ghost and Mrs. Muir.
Can you believe it is March already?!


Sorchia DuBois said...

Congratulations! You know, when things happen quickly like that, it means the Universe approves of your path--so this is the paranormaliest thing I've seen today! Send happy thoughts my way because I'm starting a similar process.
Best of luck with your releases.

Diane Burton said...

Congrats on finding your new home. It's never easy. We looked for almost a year and ended up building. It was good we had no deadline to get out of our house. If we did, we could always have moved in with our daughter. NOT. Love that girl dearly, but we're like oil and water. Sometimes. It's exciting to move close to family. I hope all goes well.

Maureen said...

Congratulations on your new home and good luck with your move.

Nancy Gideon said...

Oh, I am so familiar with that pressure move! So glad it worked out for you!

Just a reminder to PLEASE include your NAME somewhere in your title, post or tag line. I have no idea who "Nightingale" is and there is no author name anywhere to be found.

Nightingale said...

Thank you all, Ladies! And thanks Sorchia because my friend said the same thing.

Nancy, I'll remember, and thank you!

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Congrats on the new digs. I guess that little house was meant to be. I'm sure you'll love it.