Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Writing in Different Genres by Diane Burton

This blog is devoted to those who enjoy reading and writing paranormal romance. Paranormal is one of those genres that can include so much. Futuristic romance (now called science fiction romance) is a part of paranormal. So are vampires, ghosts, shifters, angels, demons, reapers, dragons, and many more. The paranormal world encompasses so much.

I’ve made no bones about how much I love science fiction romance. It’s a far-reaching glimpse into the future. It gives me hope for humankind. We will get to other planets, we will reach stars (and their planets) that are only specks in our sky. Maybe not in my lifetime, possibly in my grandchildren’s.

Science fiction romance give me so much flexibility as an author. I can devise my own worlds. My characters don’t have to be human or come from Earth. Faster-than-lightspeed (FTL) is possible. Wormholes allow us to skip over the universe.

As much as I love reading and writing science fiction romance, my reading tastes are eclectic. I love the here and now, too. Mysteries, romantic suspense, military adventures, along with the usual paranormal romances. My mind is a catchall for varied ideas. If I enjoy reading other genres, why not write them?

When I first started writing, I wrote romances. With each attempt, I discovered that I included a mystery, action, an adventure, something more than a romance. The more I wrote, the more I stretched my creativity. And that was exciting. Stories with a contemporary setting meant not having to make up a whole new world. I could take certain things for granted—like not having to let the reader know what cell phones and cars are. Even more fun is setting stories where I live (or have lived).

I love reading books set in places I’ve visited or where I’ve lived. Instead of imagining scenes, I can recall the last time I saw that beach, mountain, shop. Since my husband’s job took us around the Midwest and we love to travel, I can easily visualize stories in set in Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Colorado, Missouri, Florida . . . I think you get the picture. 😊

My mystery series (the Alex O’Hara Novels) take place in a fictional resort town similar to where I live along the Lake Michigan shoreline. It’s been fun including the things I love most about living near a beach, and also including those less than desirable reasons (like extra traffic and long waits at restaurants.

Years ago, I wrote a romantic suspense, One Red Shoe, starts in Iowa, goes to New York City, and returns to Iowa via Michigan. That was quite a road trip. LOL My upcoming release takes place in and around Grand Rapids (Michigan’s second largest city). Numbers Never Lie is a romantic suspense with action and adventure, what I include in every story I write. And, of course, a romance.

I love exploring different genres, setting stories in the present as well as the future, in places I’ve been or wish I could travel to. My stories will all include action, adventure, and some romance. I will always return to space and science fiction romance.

Do you read different genres? Do you write in different genres?


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Great blog, Diane!
I'm sure many will agree and enjoy reading.
Good luck and God's blessings

Francesca Quarto said...

A woman after my own quill! I love every kind of genre and even enjoy the occasional nonfiction to keep me rooted in reality!
Thanks for the great post and peek into your writing style and thoughts.

Francesca Q.

Diane Burton said...

Thanks, Pam. I hope so.

Diane Burton said...

LOL, Francesca. Peeking into my "writing style and thoughts" could be dangerous. :)

Maureen said...

I do read different genres although my favorite is always paranormal and fantasy. I've always wanted to write horror. But it would probably end up with some fantasy and paranormal sprinkled through it.

Alina K. Field said...

I don't read much scifi, but I like mystery and adventure, as long as there's some romance there!

Diane Burton said...

Maureen, I'm sure writing horror would be interesting. Not my genre, though. You could do it.

Diane Burton said...

Alina, I need some romance in what I read. Even if it isn't traditional romance, I still like a relationship.

Alicia Dean said...

I love to write and read different genres, mainly suspense and paranormal. My first love is suspense, though. I enjoyed the are great at any genre!! :)

Diane Burton said...

Thanks so much, Alicia. Just like my books, all of yours contain suspense of one sort or another.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Great post, Diane. Thank goodness for so many genres to fulfill the eclectic taste of readers.