Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Thrill of Release Day

It’s finally here! Two-and-a-half years after the release of my first book, Prophecy, today marks the release of the third book in the Prophecy series--Collision. It’s also the last book in the series invasion-arc. But, don’t worry, the Bock family adventures will continue with new stories! These new stories will be less about staving off the threat of war and more about the lives of the characters as they rebuild in a post-invasion galaxy.

What does the future hold for this universe? (Possible spoiler alert warnings issued!) Well, I have several stories in various stages of completion. The current work in progress is actually a Christmas story featuring Alex and Gryf and their precocious youngest daughter, Maggie. It takes place during their year in space while Alex serves as ambassador to Matir, and Gryf oversees the dismantling of the Matirian Defense and Guardian Fleets. I truly hope to have this one ready for the holidays this year. If not, it’ll be out in 2019.

Also in the works, Dante’s story. How could it not be after the revelation in Salvation? Besides, one of my author friends ordered me to write it because she adores Dante. Do you know how difficult it is to say no to someone who helped launch you into your career?

Other stories coming in the Prophecy universe will be Juan’s story—which right now is different from any of my other stories because it encompasses pretty much his entire life. I may end up billing it as Book 4, but, we’ll see. Maggie’s story—no, not the Christmas one. It will be her as an adult, and the love of her life is someone her mother has a hard time accepting. Ora, Gryf’s cousin, is due for her own happily ever after to wrap up her heart after her personal loss Prophecy.

Those are just some of the stories and ideas percolating in my head. Since I'm in the mood to celebrate, you are invited to join me at 11:00 AM PDT, June 30th, on my Facebook Author Page for a Facebook Live event. I don't do these often, but this is a special day.

Now, without further adieu, I give you Collision. Happy reading, everyone!


Collision, Book Three of the Prophecy Series
A heart-rending loss…
Flora Bock will never forgive the Anferthian invaders for murdering her birth-parents. Growing up with the grandson of her sworn enemies is living a nightmare—until the day she sees him through the eyes of a young woman. But giving her heart to him is the ultimate betrayal of her parents’ memory.

A life in peril…
There are precious few places in the galaxy where Fander K’nil is safe. One look into Flora’s beautiful, hate-filled eyes is proof enough that Terr is not one of those places. He must keep her at a distance and stay alive long enough to fulfill his destiny. No matter what his heart desires.

An empire at stake…
Just as Fander and Flora begin to discover the depth of their feelings for each other, they are thrust into a deadly game of politics and assassination with an enemy who stops at nothing to stay in power. With the lives of everyone they love at risk, they must find a way to avert a new invasion before it’s too late—even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

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Excerpt from Collision:

The groan lodged in Fander’s chest broke free. He stroked his fingers up and down her back, opening his mouth to take her in. Every deity of every world must have blessed him, because how else had he come to be with this woman? This strong, soft, stunning woman moving her hips to rub herself along his hardening length. And she was all woman, now, not the awkward girl she had been the first time he had kissed her. This time it seemed she knew what she wanted and was going after it. And there was no reason to stop her—or himself—this time, except for the two people outside the door. 

He cradled her face between his palms and turned the one deep kiss into several short ones before pulling back. “The captains of our guard details are standing beyond the door. They could check in at any moment.”

“We can go into my room.”

The invitation he had waited his lifetime to hear. “They’ll still look for us there.”

“I’ll risk it.” Flora slid off his lap and cool air rushed over his thighs and overheated groin. She grasped his hands and tugged. “C’mon, Fander. We can lock the door.”

And pray Nor and K’rona did not smash it down in a panic.

Still, there was a tingle of excitement at risking discovery. He allowed her to pull him from the couch, across the sitting room, and into her bedroom.  


Nancy Gideon said...

Congrats, Lea!! Beautiful cover and tempting excerpt. Glad to hear the characters will 'live on'. It's so hard to let them go once you've become attached, isn't it?

Maureen said...

Congrats on your release! That's such a wonderful feeling! Enjoy!

Francesca Quarto said...

Very exciting news for you AND your readers! Congratulations Lea.

Francesca Q.

Diane Burton said...

Lea, I'm so excited for you! I just started reading COLLISION. Captivating. Wishing you much success.

Mia Celeste said...

Kudos on your second book coming out. May you sell many copies.

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