Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Love a Shifter

There’s just something about a shifter. Is it the muscles? The attitude? The protectiveness? I mean, let’s be honest, alpha shifters can be demanding, possessive, pushy, bossy, and even alpha-holey (totally made up that word). So, what keeps readers (and their mates) coming back?

Just for fun (my husband is sitting here rolling his eyes as I giggle away) here are my top 10 reasons to love a shifter (in no particular order).

Tall & Muscle-y
It’s tough to picture a pudgy wolf or a puny dragon (although I’m giving myself ideas for characters now). Shifters tend to be super tall and built. Which means they can help you reach things off the top shelf. (Hey, I’m 5’2”. This is important.)

Fun Way to Travel
Not sure a wolf could carry a human. But a dragon shifter definitely can. As a former competitive skydiver, dragon flight (as long as I can do something with my hair, and something to stay warm) sounds pretty dang awesome.

Edge of Danger
Like wild animals, there’s the possibility that a shifter could snap at any moment. I married a good guy (and I’m dang lucky to have caught him), but something about those bad boys…

Means Well--Sometimes Just Needs a Firm Hand
The best shifters (like humans, I’m not saying they’re all good)—the ones we root for—always have their heart in the right place. Our heroines might need to work on those egos as well as deal with some possessiveness and outright bossiness. But my heroines, at least, have no problem with that.

Brings Home the Bacon (Literally)
I imagine shifters of all kinds have to be pretty good hunters—the predatory ones at least. And if it’s a bird shifter, or maybe a squirrel, then you’ve got yourself nuts and berries for the winner. So, you’ll never run out of food.

Fate is Totally Handy
Don’t you sometimes wish fate gave you a helping hand in relationships? I love the books that have some kind of destined mating system set up. Not that it takes the decision out of your hands (ever), because everyone likes choices. But it sure is nice to have that whole “rest of our lives” thing confirmed by the supernatural. 😊

Puts His Life on the Line
While the ready to rumble is out their fighting skills, even better is the fact that a shifter, for the right person (be it a lover, a brother, a mate, a child, etc.), would not hesitate to put himself (or herself, because our heroines rock) in harm's way to protect that person. As this world gets scarier, don’t we need more heroes like that? Even in fiction.

Great at Parties
Could you imagine shifting as a party trick? My dragon shifters might have trouble as they’re kinda large (40 feet tall). But a wolf shifter. Get a camera ready because the reactions would be priceless!

He’s Got the Moves
Have you ever seen a predator move? Especially when they’ve locked their sights on their target. Now picture that in our shifters, and they’re looking at the heroine that way. (Or vice versa, because our shifter ladies are just as prowly and delicious.) Best that translates to the dance floor…and other places. 😉

No One Puts Baby in a Corner
Once a shifter has a woman in his heart, nothing comes before her. She is the most important thing in his world and vice versa. Kids get added in, but that’s a different thing. I think everyone would love to be the center of the universe for someone.

What about you? What is it that you love about a shifter? Maybe you’d love to meet the heroes in my dragon shifter series--Fallon, Finn, Aidan, Brand, and soon Drake and Ladon!


Maureen said...

Love the post! :)

Diane Burton said...

This is great! Love your 1st reason--I'm shrinking, used to be able to reach things on the top shelf. I need a TALL person (gender non-specific) to get that bowl for me. lol Flying sounds pretty good to me. All your reasons sound great. Love the movie clips. :)

Nancy Gideon said...

Exactly! A hot blooded shifter is the ultimate male.