Friday, February 14, 2020

Say Hello to Neon, Your Next Best Friend

Have you met Neon?  You might like to say hello. In the next few years, Neon could be sitting on the seat beside you.

Neon is the newest entry in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Samsung-backed Star Labs' demoed 6 Neon avatars at CES 2020. This humanlike android runs of propriety technology platform CORE3. R3 stands for realtime, reality and responsiveness. The Neon models each demonstrates a unique personality, expressions and dialogues.

Neon, our first artificial human is here (according to Star Labs). Neon is a computationally-created human being who looks and acts like a human being, able to demonstrate emotions and intelligence. One day soon, these new 'people' may exist from all walks of life.

Star Labs plans to introduce a beta version of Neon with select partners in 2020.  Neon is the brainchild of CEO and President of Star Labs, Pranav Mistry.

Such androids are being considered to work with the elderly and with children as well as many other roles within society. In Japan, there are already android receptionists in a hotel, and an AI newscaster.  The Japanese people think of them less as threats, and more like partners. What is your opinion on this controversial subject?

Neon is marketed as not "Hey, Neon." Not an AI assistant, music player, or internet interface. Neon can speak English to Hindu, and all in between. They can connect and learn more about us, becoming simply a friend (again according to Star Labs).  They can converse and sympathize like real human beings in realtime, with latencies of less than a few nanoseconds.

The pictures of the androids on the website is mind-blowing. The website itself is very well done, even if the info is sparse.  It's worth a visit to look at the prototypes. If you are really, really interested, there is a newsletter to which you may subscribe.

My sci-fi romance Love For Sale deals with androids, totally indistinguishable from human beings, who are being marketed as love for the lonely. However, that is not the real purpose of these almost humans.  When Christian and March discover the actual plans of Mayfair Electronics, their freedom and indeed their lives are at peril. Available in print, eBook, and audio.

I am now working on rewrites with my editor at The Wild Rose Press on the sequel, Life for Sale, which will be released in late Spring. This book explains the dark secret and continues to follow March and Christian in their quest for the truth.

Have a most happy Friday (and Valentine's Day)!  I want to buy a Neon!!



Nancy Gideon said...

I'm torn between "Oh, cool!" and "Ew, creepy!" Too many sci-fi movies and Heinlein stories to feel comfortable about AIs at this point.

Diane Burton said...

I can see where AIs could help the elderly and/or disabled. I'd prefer a service dog, though. Like Nancy, I'm torn, too. Great post, Linda.

Maureen said...

Wow- that is amazing....and amazingly creepy. Great info!