Wednesday, November 25, 2020

BE THANKFUL . . . by Nancy Gideon

Who can’t wait to leave 2020 behind! Raise your hand. What has this year given us to be grateful for? Panic. Anger. Loss. Isolation. Misinformation. Fear. We huddle in our homes mourning the loss of the freedoms we took for granted, including the ability to gather together on this holiday with those we love. We isolate because we love them, because we look ahead to that time when we can open our doors and put this quarantine safely behind us. Face it, in the future when we look back on this year, this will be our overwhelming reaction: 

(Thanks to my very clever bakery owner niece whose Mad Batter, LLC offers these socks for sale on her site: The Mad Batter).

This constant anxiety has done more than affect our day-to-day freedoms. It’s also placed a burden on our creativity. Our COVID brains struggle with those happily-ever-afters and plot twists our WIPs demand. One saving grace for me, since I just started a new contemporary project, is Zoom. I’ve been able to real time with my two writing groups and listen to speakers from across the country. I’ve been able to chat and critique with my PotL writing pals several times a month – more frequently now than when we were face-to-face. Real people, real conversations! So, this is me in the COVID world, doing what I do, remembering my motto: “Writers are never on break, They are either writing, thinking of writing or rewriting what was written.” 

Another way to put things into proportion is this article on things 1st graders are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Out of the mouths of babes . . . 

Me and my household will be enjoying a carry-out meal from Bob Evans (probably for days!) doing our part to keep local businesses going. (Yes, I’m happily taking one for the team by sacrificing those five hours at the stove!) We’ll be messaging family and friends to keep them close in our hearts, if not our homes.

Enjoy this holiday quiz while preparing or consuming your feast c/o Meebily. Visit this link for more holiday fun: Thanksgiving Trivia

Another thing I’m thankful for . . . YOU!! Stay safe and happy holiday!

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Diane Burton said...

Love those socks! That's the way I feel about 2020. Isn't Zoom wonderful? I love the fact that our writing group can get together (my book group, too). FaceTime is great for chatting with our families.

Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner! Village Baker in Spring Lake (where our son is the chef) is providing ours.

Nancy Gideon said...

My best to you and Bob. Enjoy your meal, especially because of the hands that prepared it!!

Maureen said...

Thanks for the post - it helps knowing that others have had to alter their usual Thanksgiving plans. I love the socks - too cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Morgan said...

I love this: “Writers are never on break, They are either writing, thinking of writing or rewriting what was written.”

Covid definitely kicked my creative spark to the curb earlier this year, yet I too, had to find other ways to move around my slump and what was happening in the country/world.

Beautiful post, Nancy! I love those socks! Happy Thanksgiving!