Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A year of reflection. A day of thanksgiving.

Today is a huge anniversary for me. On this day last year, I signed my first contract with an e-publisher. This was the first of many steps on the road to being a published author and I can’t tell you how that first hand up changed my life.

I won’t bore you with the details. I will tell you; however, during this year I’ve had countless opportunities to meet a lot of people and learn plenty of things that will improve me as a person and a writer.

What am I thankful for? Allow me to share with you.

The obvious. Health. Family. Home and hearth.

These are things that I think about daily. It’s been a hard year financially but I’m hopeful that we’re out of these times. My husband keeps me humble and reminds me every day that I’m loved. Without him, I would never have been able to give my all to my passion—writing. I may not be the best housekeeper in the world, but I’m working on it. Besides, even the dust bunnies need somewhere to live.

The not so obvious. Editors. Friends.

When I look back over this last year, I wonder how I ever became the writer I am today. The best editors take the time to teach me something new with every edit sweep I go through. I’m constantly learning, evolving, training to be a better writer in preparation for bigger things down the line. Without these people in my life, my writing would stagnate and my talent would dry up and blow away. You have my utmost respect. Thank you for all the long hours you put in and your patience when I freak out with knee jerk reactions.

I couldn’t have gotten this far in my beginning writing career without the support of my friends. You folks have picked me up countless times when I’ve taken one too many of life’s punches to the chin and wanted to call it quits. You smack me around, talk sense into me and push me to keep going. Nothing great is ever accomplished without hard work, and the reality is, writing is hard work. Those of you who have read my work and have been honest about where I’ve gone wrong know this is true. It takes a village to turn out a book and every one of you have helped me through this year.

Networking with other writers has also been a saving grace this year. Reading and hearing about other writer’s struggle through the in’s and out’s of the publishing business has brought home to me that I’m not alone in the quest. I’m glad for this. Walking the road is much more endurable with friends by my side.

I’ve made some awesome new friends this year thanks to social networking and other venues. Friends, co-writers with publishers and supporters of the craft, I thank you for all you’ve done. It helps to share the burden if only in cyber-space.

The essential. Readers.

For all of you wonderful people who rely on writers to provide you with tales that take you away from reality, I thank you especially. Without readers, I would have no reason for writing. I hope you continue to be entertained with my stories for years to come.

It’s been a heck of a year, friends, and I can hardly wait to see where 2010 will take me.

A few things I’d like to bring to your attention. On December 1st, my contemporary romance NOT JUST MAKE BELIEVE will release from Desert Breeze Publishing. This book is special to me because my niece thought up the idea of the little girl in the story. It’s also the book that I cut my first “rejection” teeth on. Nearly three years from conception to publication, I’d really love for you to buy this book, if nothing else than to see that dreams really do come true and perseverance is the key.

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December 11th from 7 PM to 11 PM, I’ll be conducting an message chat at my Yahoo Group to celebrate my two holiday releases. If you’d like to participate and have your name entered for a goodie bag, please click join the Group.

Also, December 13th through December 24th I’ll be hosting the 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Blog Party on my blog Believing is Seeing. I’d love for you to stop by and read holiday snippets from a wide variety of authors during this time.

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I wish everyone in the States a wonderful holiday season. Everyone else around the world, have a great weekend and above everything else, keep writing, keep inspiring, keep being you.

Thank you.



J Hali Steele said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sandi. May 2010 bring you everything you're wishing deserve it.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks Joann

LM Spangler said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sandi.

I've had a lot to be thankful for this year much like yourself.

Great post and enjoy your holiday! Don't eat to much and fall into a turkey coma!


P.L. Parker said...

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck.

Annie Nicholas said...

Wow, it's only been a year. So much has happened since then, it feels longer. I can't imagine what next year will bring.

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

You have a wonderful holiday, too. I am glad you're with Desert Breeze. We're going places!

Rebecca Royce said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

kanishk said...

Happy Thanks giving and good luck.

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Stephanie Burkhart said...

Sandi, wonderful thoughts. Our writing is important. It touches us and it touches others. It's so nice to see you remember the people who help us like our editors and the people who enjoy our stories, the readers. Many thanks back to you.

Enjoy the Turkey

Sandy said...


I'm with you, I'm so thankful for all I have. All any of us have to do is look around us and see what others are doing without to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rae Lori said...

You've come a long way, Sandi and you've worked so hard for it! Big congrats to you on all you've accomplished and the upcoming goodies.

Hope you have a good one! :-)