Thursday, October 4, 2018

Is There Magic in the Everyday World?

 When I watch an old movie, or television show, I try to imagine what life was like then. The plethora
of gadgets and technology we have at our fingertips today weren’t even considered a possibility. 

Some resisted bending their imagination and may have even considered new amazing technology as inconceivable, or sorcery. 

Nowadays, most of us are more accepting of new technology every day. It’s almost as if we expect the unexpected to become part of our lives. Things that we may have never believed were possible in the past, that we may have thought we’d need a little magic to create, have become part of our daily lives. 

My Children Were Amazed

It’s possible that we’ve begun to incorporate magic into our everyday world. A few of these things are so ingrained into our reality that it’s almost hard to imagine that not too long ago, they may have been considered a fantasy. It takes more and more to impress us and stir the wonder we felt as a child. 

My daughters are teenagers. They grew up in this magical time. As children, I could amaze them with my magical abilities. 
  •     I could slide open the van door with a wave of my hand, and occasionally I might toss in an abracadabra! (As I secretly pushed the key.)
  •     I had eyes in the back of my head and could tell when they were getting into trouble in the other room. This was so convincing that they searched for eyes buried under my hair to no avail. (I viewed their reflection on the television screen or the microwave.)
  •     I had the hotline to Santa, the Easter Bunny and all the magical creatures of our world. It came with the parent handbook. (Don’t I wish there was a parent handbook!) 

Now I’m Amazed

As teenager, my daughters, and most people, would find it hard to imagine a world without the technology they’ve grown up with. I find it hard to amaze them anymore, things that may have once been considered sorcery or magic, are expected. Instead I find myself amazed at what magic the world has to offer and can hardly imagine what will be available next.  

  •     The way we can instantly connect with people around the world with computers, cellphones or technology in all shapes and sizes. There’s no more busy signal, or waiting for a letter to arrive when there’s email.
  •     How my phone seems to know where I’m going and tells me the distance and time to get there or the GPS that’s now part of almost every car.
  •      Self-driving cars and gadgets that can mop and vacuum my house are now available. I don’t have either yet, but I hope one day I will.

We Want to Believe in Magic

It’s harder to be amazed and wonder if magic might be responsible, although I think most of us want to. Even as adults we may still flock to movies and stories about extraordinary people and things. We dress up for Halloween and go to parks that let up suspend belief in the world we live in for a bit and escape into the books that we love.

I think even as we grow and mature that magic doesn’t leave us. It’s still around us in our everyday world. We just must open our imagination, look a little closer, or when the world gets too serious we can find it in the pages of our favorite book.

Don't lose your sense of wonder, it's what makes the world wonderful.

What in the World Do You Find Magical?


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Diane Burton said...

I believe in magic! My mother-in-law lived to be 102. She saw the Wright Bros. first flight to men on the moon. Technology passed her by since she didn't like change and was even afraid of it. No microwaves for her. I embraced it. I'm thrilled with FaceTiming my grandchildren. Text & email save so much time. I'm looking forward to self-driving cars, esp. those that elevate above the roadway. Even though I can't imagine the advances in technology, I'm sure the world my grandchildren will see will be so much better than ours. Fun times ahead.

Maureen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Diane. I cannot wait to have a self-driving car! Plus that will be wonderful (and safer) for so many elderly who can't drive anymore.

Nancy Gideon said...

Great post, Maureen! We tend to take the magical for granted these days. Having come from a time with two black and white TV channels and NO internet, I'm constantly amazed (and slightly saddened) by how much our kids have at their command. Everything is immediate - online shopping, two-day delivery, texting the person sitting next to you instead of speaking out loud. Sigh.

Maureen said...

I agree- Nancy. I can't even imagine what our kids will be able to say about 'back in the day when I was a kid...' :)

Francesca Quarto said...

Always fun to read your "magical" insights, Maureen! Thanks for the reminder of all the fantastic things we have around us in life!

Francesca Q.