Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Jungle and Other Tales: Tell-Tale Publishing's 5th Annual Horror Anthology by Elizabeth Alsobrooks


If haunted EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE is your thing, you'll love the ghostly fun at Tell-Tale Publishing's 10th  Annual where you will travel to Haunted Virginia City.  The site is sponsoring my newest fright fest, Bride of Bazel, in its 5th Annual Horror Anthology!

It's being released TODAY!! in both ebook and paperback!!


"Now in its fifth incarnation, Tell-Tale's horror anthologies have become an annual benchmark of emerging talent and well-told stories. The select seven featured here will yank you backward and forward again in time, visiting the exotic and the seemingly mundane, at a pace and a pulse calibrated for Halloween chills. Beware of a cat named Sabrina and a Celtic goddess with a passport to Salem – yes, that Salem. An old farmhouse could hold more vivid memories than just its mortal foundations, and think twice about rescuing the sister of a young boy if you find yourself in a desert. Twins may not be what they seem, so hang onto your hat (and your head). For that matter, hang on to your whole body unless you want to risk permanent eviction. Also, you may never use steak knives again. Trick or treat! " –Thomas Sullivan--
USA Today best-selling novelist  (

Get your copy today! Click on the cover!


Nancy Gideon said...

I love these spooky good Halloween anthologies and Bride of Bazel ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! So glad you liked it! I talked all about Jinn on Diane's blog on Nov. 5th!--Elizabeth

Maureen said...

Love a good ghost story!

Anonymous said...

Then you'll love this book, Maureen!--E