Sunday, October 4, 2020

Who Tells Ghost Stories?


We believe that our first house was haunted. 

Not in the drag you down the stairs terror like the Paranormal Activity movies that terrify me, but more like a Casper the friendly ghost version. Thankfully, because that's all I could ever handle. I might like to write and read about paranormal and the supernatural but I'm a big wimp when it comes to facing it in real life. 

We tell stories.

 Of how the stove burners would turn on themselves and the television channel would change and other things that maybe, just maybe, had a logical explanation. Although the number of times these unusual things happened made it difficult to always rationalize. We thought it might've been the previous owner showing her displeasure that we couldn't maintain her once beautiful flower gardens since they'd been long overgrown by the time we arrived, and I have what I call a black thumb. Which basically means that I unintentionally kill any plant that I try to nurture. 

Eventually the occurrences stopped. 

I assume that she felt she'd made her point, or realized it was fruitless to try to convince me to revive her gardens. I couldn't do that any more effectively than I could revive her.  

Now my story, Evil Speaks Softly, 

is about some not-so-friendly ghosts who want more than a gardener. Since this is the perfect time of month for ghost stories, it's on sale for a very limited time for $0.99. Grab your copy if you—like me—prefer your ghosts to remain between the pages of a story.

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A little about Evil Speaks Softly...

They were never supposed to meet. 
Fame came easy for Liv by following in the footsteps of the female writers in her family. The cycle repeated for decades...until Liv changed the story. Her villain doesn't like the revision—and he isn't a fictional character. In his story, the bad guy always wins. 

They were never supposed to find love. 
Liv never questions her demanding nocturnal muse, or the strange incidents in her old, family home until she met Gage. His job was to watch her from afar, not reveal the truth about the curse and the stories of the dead.

They've broken all the rules. 
Together they unravel secrets as they strive to stop the cycle. Liv's ability to find love, and protect her loved ones, hands on the fickle whims of the dead—and they've got nothing to lose.

Do You Tell Ghost Stories?

Author Bio: 
Maureen Bonatch grew up in small town Pennsylvania and her love of the four seasons—hockey, biking, sweat pants and hibernation—keeps her there. While immersed in writing or reading paranormal romance and fantasy, she survives on caffeine, wine, music, and laughter. A feisty Shih Tzu keeps her in line. Find Maureen on her websiteFacebook & Twitter


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Diane Burton said...

Wow. Glad I didn't live in your 1st house. Of all the things you mentioned turning on stove burners would've frightened me the most. Scary. I'm such a wimp, I can't even read scary stories, let alone write them. Your book sounds perfect for an October spooky read.

Maureen said...

Thanks Diane!

Veronica Scott said...

Ooh, spooky!