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Unveiling a Deep Dive into the Release of "Lok's Love" by Keri Kruspe


“Lok’s Love” has been… well… a labor of love. While a novella of just under 32,000 words, I put a lot of heart and soul into each scene. For those of you who’ve read my first series, An Alien Exchange, I ended the trilogy with Lok taking care of his narcissistic brother who held him as an isolated prisoner for over fifty years out of spite and jealousy. But I purposefully left out what ultimately happened to them.

In this article I’ll not only highlight the two main characters, Lok and Althea, whose passionate journey defines the heart of “Lok’s Love”, but I’ll give you a peek into the richly crafted supporting cast as well.

So, let’s get started!



Lok, whose full name is T’terlok “Lok” Shon U’unk, is from the planet Zerin. He was born with an almost identical twin brother, Shon T’Terlok U’unk. Lok looks like a typical Zerin with dual-colored eyes with a deep jade inner circle and a lighter apple green outer ringing around an iridescent pupil. He has a full head of black hair liberally sprinkled with yellow strands that shows signs of middle age.

of his own existence. Adrift and uncertain about the very purpose that once anchored his life. While his twin brother, Shon, was born bald with eyes a solid black color. When he started going through puberty, their parents erased all records of their “deformed” child and exiled Shon to a remote galactic labor camp.

Lok never saw him again until a fateful day thirty years later.

By then, Lok had become the golden star of the political scene in the Federation Consortium. After years of struggling, he was about to be appointed as Chancellor by the Galactic Senate and Judicial ruling body. It would make him the most influential government entity in the galaxy, having ultimate control over every decision made by the member planets.

            But on the eve of Lok being promoted, Shon showed up and captured him with a paralyzing drug and took over his life. Shon resumed Lok’s place, covering his differences enough that no one noticed the switch.

            To make Lok suffer, Shon held him in isolated captivity for over fifty years. Lok’s only relief came when Shon, by his own greed, caused him to become a dying vegetable. Even though Shon tormented him, Lok felt it was his duty to take care of Shon until he took his last breath.

            In the beginning of the novel, we find Lok burying his brother’s ashes on a remote planetoid he’d claimed as home called Hiigar. Now truly alone for the first time, he discovered he was lost in the vastness


Althea MacGregor was more than eager to attend the Alien Exchange program, anxious to find her true love in space. Being a divorcee in her early forties, she finds that continuing her life as a convenience store manager only enhances her feelings of being unworthy for life and love. When given the chance to join the Exchange program, she realized that waiting around for her meaningless life to change wasn’t for her. Craving a deeper existence, she leaves everything behind and does something totally radical for once. To find love in space.

            Too bad things don’t go as planned.

            Instead of attending the Exchange, she finds herself snatched before the ceremonies began and is taken and held prisoner on a gangster planet called FiPan. FiPan had once been the stronghold of a notorious criminal by the name of Dread Pirate Maynwaring, but had since fallen into collapse once the pirate was vanquished (see “Ki’s Redemption”).

            Althea ends up crash landing on Hiigar, where she gains employment as a part-time waitress and part-time singer at the Galaxy’s Pub run by two strange looking aliens, Hayami and Fylgir.

(I must apologize – Hayami has for arms and Fylgir one eye. Just couldn’t make Midjourney cooperate with me!)

            That’s where Althea meets and falls in love with Lok when they become hostages in a violent take-over at the Galaxy’s Pub by a species called the Ozevroc.


"Shysuta" - Hayami's Sister

A Sismall male "Tukkuttok"

He works for Sysuta

A Draconian female "Vovin"

Who also works for Shysuta

The small village of Kijiji where the Galaxy's Pub is


One of the things I love about this poignant tale is the backdrop of love and resilience in a fantastical universe. I did my best to fill it with rich characters, strange-otherworldly landscapes, and pulse-racing action. I wanted this story to be a science fiction romance that delves into the heart of darkness and redemption, only to end with a satisfying conclusion. 

            “Lok’s Love” debuts on Valentines Day, but can be preordered now for only 0.99¢. I hope this short article has intrigued you enough to give Lok and Althea’s love story a try. 

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