Monday, February 1, 2010

When did I lose control?

Happy Manic Monday! I want to wish both Sandi and Rebecca a happy release day. January and February are busy months for the Paranormal Romantics crew. I counted fourteen releases.


I had big plans for this weekend. With four days off, I wanted to finish my WIP. Do you know how much writing I did? Nada. Lots of other things got done. I grouted the bathroom, some family came to visit, I picked up some hours at work, and made a dent in the laundry pile, all in the name of procrastination.

It all started with my researching ménage-a-trios. I’m writing my first. I got introduced to the terms m/m/f, m/f/m, f/f/m and so on. Holy cow, where did my story fit in these categories? It derailed my brain. I began to doubt my story and I almost changed the whole thing.

When did I lose control? It took such a small thing to unravel my creative process. With the help of good friends, I found my path again, my story remains intact. The lesson learned? Don’t try to fit in a cook cutter if you’re a muffin, you won’t fit.

What kind of things have thrown your writing?


Hales said...

Great post. I derailed mine when I forgot to think more about cultural significance. It's fixed now! So writing is going good once again. It's the little things, that you don't think about that could end up biting you in the arse.


Annie Nicholas said...

LOL Tell me about it.

J Hali said...

LMAO! Picture it as a sandwich: bread (m) your fav meat, cheese or whatever (f) and bread (m). Now maybe you like a "club" sandwich with added bread, meat (no pun intended)--that could be built many ways!

Can't wait to read this story, Annie. Glad you're back on track.

Sandy said...

I recently tried to change the dark moment and went back to my original plan. lol

Good luck on this story, Annie.

Rebecca Royce said...

Annie, you're an amazing writer and you're going to figure all of this out. Can't wait to read it.