Monday, July 26, 2010

Guest Author - David Bridger

It's a pleasure and an honour to guest blog with you on Paranormal Romantics. Thank you for inviting me.

This summer, I'm riding the wave of my demon mobsters WIP and loving every moment. It's set in the same world as Beauty and the Bastard, but with a whole new cast of characters. And, as always when I'm in the zone and writing like the wind, plot bunnies are coming thick and fast.

They don't bother me. I take them as a sign that my brain is firing on all cylinders, which has to be a good thing. So I don't resist the creativity. I just take a short break from the WIP (for me, it never needs more than a day) and empty my brain about the new idea into a new file. Once that's done, I close the file and return to my WIP. It works every time for me.

Three new websites loomed into my consciousness this week, all of which promise to be superb reservoirs of potential plot bunnies if ever my internal well runs dry.

First is the list site TopTenz. The list that attracted my attention is Top 10 Bizarre & Controversial Archeological Discoveries . I had to drag myself away from that page before it forced me to take a more than temporary leave of my WIP.

Next comes The Retronaut, and this delicious photo series of London in February 1944, during the Blackout:

Finally, here is the hilarious Texts From Last Night, a new and guilty pleasure that threatens to become a serious timesuck:

Three examples grabbed at random:
• Rode a jet ski for the first time three days after I lost my virginity. Hell of a week for my vagina.
• That still doesn't explain why you thought it was a good idea to paint a cow on my guitar
• The police scanner is talking about you again…

Oh noes! I just spent another hour there. I have to stop doing that.

So, what do you do when the plot bunnies swarm? And where do you go if you want to find more of them?


Saul the Bastard is a fallen angel who works as a bounty hunter for powerful urban demon families. Rebecca Drake, a modern day demon princess, is being hunted by dangerous desert demons. When Rebecca’s family hires Saul to protect her, they are both unhappy with the arrangement, but before long sparks fly as they try to resist their strong mutual attraction. For the first time in living memory, Saul has someone to love; someone he is scared of losing; someone the desert demons have marked to be their next sacrifice.

David Bridger and his wife settled with their three daughters and two monstrous hounds in England's West Country after twenty years of ocean-based fun, during which he worked at various times as a lifeguard, a sailor, an intelligence gatherer and an investigator. He writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy.


Liz Fichera said...

Hi David, I will definitely have to explore that Top 10 Archelogical Discoveries site--it reads sort of like a grocery store tabloid. But it hooked me at "horned human skull." :-)

When the plot bunnies leave me, though, I step away from the computer and try to recharge with a walk or a run.

Stacey said...

Demon mobsters! Awesome!

I'm actually putting a WIP on hold to work on another one. I've never toggled between 2 projects before, but I realized that at my day job, I always work best when I'm switching it up between 2 or 3 what the hell, right?

The texts from last night site looks great. Thanks!

David Bridger said...

Hi Liz. I love reading about archaeology and watching it on the TV, but that site is borderline Chariots of the Gods. Good stuff! :D

Hi Stacey. Normally I prefer to focus on one thing at a time. But when something else starts niggling, the only way I can make it leave me alone is to give it a few hours of my full attention.

Enjoy the TFLN. Some of them are hilarious!

Annie Nicholas said...

Welcome to PR David and congrats on the release!

David Bridger said...

Thank you, Annie! I'm having a good time over here. :)

Rebecca Royce said...

Welcome to PR David. Your book is on deck on my Kindle. Can't wait to read it.

David Bridger said...

Thank you, Rebecca! It's lovely to be here,

And I'm looking forward to reading Simon's Fate, as soon as this crazy whirlwind of a blog tour finishes next week. :)

陳雅茹陳軒豪 said...

It is never too late to learn.......................................................................

J Hali said...

lol, I've been attacked by plot bunnies when I'm...well never mind. But sometimes those little suckers swarm in like locust and I embrace them, wine and dine 'em, all that crazy stuff. Good to have some of their ideas hanging around when the Muse takes a vaca!

David Bridger said...

Yep. I get them then, too. :)