Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Blogger, Author Pierre Roustan

A little late in the day to post on a blog, but, hey, I'm an author--I don't know what daylight is.

Especially given my subject matter!

I'm pleased to guest blog on Paranormal Romantics, and it's my pleasure to share my passions, fears, worries, joys and random things to all you readers out there who love the paranormal and romance. But let me first introduce myself:

I am Pierre Roustan, author of the debut vampire thriller THE CAIN LETTERS, through Eirelander Publishing. I am 32 years old. I have three daughters, one son, one stepdaughter, one pit bull terrier, one "mynx" (half Maine Coon half lynx cat), and a platypus in a kumquat tree (do kumquats come from trees? I do not know. I just live here). I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and enjoy a wild and adventurous life with many stories to tell. Hence why I am an author.

Oh, and yes, you can find me on Amazon, and many other e-distributors out there. Soon THE CAIN LETTERS will be available in print. And VERY SOON the long-awaited sequel CHIMERA FALLS will be released both in e-book and print for your reading joy. Look for it. Live it. Love it. Be it.

And now to the point at hand. This is, after all, a guest post on Paranormal Romantics.

So let's talk about.... vampires. Because that's one of the most interesting creatures to love to hate and hate to love.

I read 'SALEM'S LOT a couple years ago and was enthralled by Stephen King's story, also by his foreword introduction that he wrote about the book, explaining why he wrote the book and how he wrote the book. Pretty interesting stuff:

But it brings me to this important point: vampires are timeless.

Makes sense, given their immortality. They are among the most timeless of mythological creatures.

You see them in science fiction. You see them in fantasy. You see them in horror (obviously). You see them in romance. You see them in comedy. You even see them in drama. Teen dramas, too. Oh, and they 'sparkle'. Yeah.

And that is without a doubt the key appeal vampirism has in literature. Not only are these vamps monsters, but they're also 'beings' that feel, that have human motives. That need. They need like we humans do. They fear like we do. They're just as weak as we are. We, however, have to know how to manipulate their weaknesses.

I get adamant and vehement when so many people say that vampires are tired and boring and we see so much of it in literature, and it's too crowded and saturated and trite. Because the fact is: vampires aren't going anywhere. Even if we don't like it. The more we gripe and moan about those fanged, caped wonders, the more they'll show up in literature. Or movies. Or TV shows. It's inevitable.

They'll always lurk in your shadows. Waiting for you to turn around. They'll watch you bathe, washcloths up and down your smooth skin. And they'll salivate. Look into the full moon and know that even though the werewolf (another favorite of mine) howls at it, the vampire bathes in its light with ecstasy. It writhes in it. Aroused by it.

Be mesmerized by them. Be captivated. I know I will always be. They are our seductions of the human heart and mind right before we die. And then.... we turn into them.


Rebecca Royce said...

I agree with you Pierre! I think Vampires are timeless and I think that *Fads* with them come and go but the real epic Vampire, the one that haunts the shadows, they'll always be there!

stacey said...

i agree about the day.Don't like it I'm a night person all the way go to bed after 3:00 wake up some time after 10:00 or 11:00 I'm more awak at night.and i love books about night creatures I may be becoming one the way that i sleep but the sun has not fried me yet?




Pierre Roustan said...

Mrs. Royce, it truly was a darkening occasion of delight to write on your blog. Thank you so much. And may God have mercy on your soul...... (wicked grin)

Rebecca Royce said...

He'd better because I'm merciless on myself. LOL!!