Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a Newbie's Day Out!

Surprise! It's not your normal Wednesday blogger. Why? Because this chick needs some time off in order to concentrate on writing so I asked for help. Please keep the noise level down and welcome fellow Eirelander Publishing author Ashley Blade to Paranormal Romantics today.

First, I want to say thank you to Sandi for allowing me this time to blog with her.

I am a newbie. Yes, you heard me correctly, new. I have only been published for a year and in that year I have learned many things. I have learned to never limit myself and if I can’t figure something out, pull it apart and see the inner workings.

I love Paranormals, I love Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Can I write them all? I don’t know. I’m giving it a shot though.

Writing a blog, for me, is hard. I have to be serious for about five hundred to a thousand words. I can’t be serious, it’s not in me. Paranormal is the non-serious realm of writing. I know what you’re going to say, that’s blasphemy! Is it really though? Think about it, what other genre can you write from that you don’t have to follow the rules? You can make a vampire get pregnant and have kids. Or you can change up how a werewolf is made. The rules are free and far stretching. It’s all about using that imagination you used so well as a kid, and blowing it up.

I never thought I would be able to write about vampires or Gods or even about mermaids and sea creatures. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning and finding everything in your imagination is real and they want to play…with you. So you put your little hat on, your snow boots and you head out and play. You put the mermaid with the vampire and bam; there’s an interesting story. Or you can put a God with an assassin and bam, another story worth telling. Build a world of werewolves who can breathe underwater and who fight alongside the mighty Kraken to defeat the Leviathan. Can they get it done, who knows. It’s your story!

Or, why not a spirit, who haunts the house of a Vampire? Could you imagine? They would be like the Twenty-first century Odd Couple. Think about it, the spirit could be like Felix—wants everything clean and orderly. The Vamp like Oscar—leaves everything lying around including his blood covered weapons after a night of fighting rouges. And start scene!

I guess my point is, unlike other genres where the rules are stricter, Paranormal writing and reading is for the free spirit in you. So pull up a chair, grab a keyboard and let’s get to work. I got an idea floating around and it’s time to play.

My name is Ashley Blade, I love Paranormals and thinking outside the box. Who are you?

Author Bio:

Ashley Blade, the alter ego for Amanda Boyd came to be after several months driving across the country in an eighteen-wheeler. Most days she can be found behind the computer pumping out some grand adventure, but when it’s family night you can find her on the soccer field rooting her daughter on to certain victory or snuggled up with her better half and a good book.

Books Available and Coming Soon:

A Dangerous Game: Out Now
Murder 4 Hire: The many adventures of Ike the assassin: Coming October 2010
Darkest Night: Coming October 2010
Murder 4 Hire: The Gods must be crazy: Coming December 2010
Once Bitten: Winter 2010/2011

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Ashley said...

Thanks for letting me post this week I had a blast! Oh and uh, I think I was a little hyper when I wrote my blog post...LOL!!!

Let the commenting commence! *smiles*


Madelina said...

Hey Ashley! Loved your post and you got my mind going again. lol As if I needed that! Now some of my make believe friends are clamoring for attention! Especially my mermaids! Haven't heard from them in a while! lol So thanks again! Oh and hyper is good!

Ashley said...

Hey Madelina!!!

I am glad I could help you out! Thank you for stopping by and have fun with your Mermaids.


Anonymous said...


Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for blogging for me Ashley :-)

Annie Nicholas said...

Welcome to PR, Ashley. I agree about the paranormal giving free rein to your imagination.

Rebecca Royce said...

Welcome to PR Ashley. Always glad to see you and you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Great post!!

I'm Valerie, in Germany and I love reading paranormals and fantasy!!!


Ashley said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for inviting me over Sandi, I had a blast!

Hi Annie and Rebecca!!!! I am honored to be with you guys!!!

Hey Valerie, welcome! Paranormal stories are the best! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

You know I love your style Ashley! What an exciting insight into your creativity!

Hales said...

Love your post Whoot. To the first year. Isn't it great being new. Wonder how much the second year will have in store :)

Ashley said...

Hales!!! It is awesome being new, but also very scary too. I never know what to expect and well I worry...A LOT! LOL!!!

I can't even think about year two...that is just too far away for me right now to comprehend. I have to take it month by month...used to be week by week. I can tell you this though. If it is anything like this year has been...bring it! I have so enjoyed the year even with its ups and downs.

J Hali said...

Hey, Ash! Welcome to PR. No one is as terrible at writing blogs as I am. You did good!

Sandy said...

Ash, a fast-paced blog. Just like your story I bet. Smile.

Ashley said...

Hey Joann and Sandy! Thank you for stopping by and yeah...I was really nervous about writing this one...I wanted to make you guys at PR proud! I hope I did good LOL!!!!

I hope I made people hyper like me when they read it. Because think of all the things they could get done if they were LOL!!!!


Stacey Kennedy said...

Welcome Ashley!! So nice to have you here at PR :)