Thursday, July 15, 2010

The One Who Started It All

Earlier this week, my second book in my vampire/Fae series, Blood Fever, was released. I am so very excited to be able to share these three particular characters with others. The female lead, Evande, was actually the one who started this all. When I came up with the concept for these books, she was the one who started tapping in my head and wouldn't be ignored.

It's no secret that I like female characters that are strong and aren't afraid to kick a little ass in the right situation. I also like characters who are flawed and make mistakes. Big ones. As a writer, I like putting my characters into tense situations, sometimes just to see how they get out of it - if they even do at all.

Blood Fever is no exception.

Excerpt (mature content):

A strong hand clamped over my throat and squeezed so hard my vision went black on the outer edges almost at once. I was currently being pinned to the wall of my bedroom by an enraged vampire and it wasn't the sort of compromising position I found fun.

It had been forty-eight hours since the incident in the alley.

I couldn't decide what to be more pissed off about. The lack of sleep or the vampire I'd knowingly made.

The scent of violence permeated the room and clogged my nose. The sharp tang of it flipped the switch of something inside me. I usually kept a tight rein on it, but the situation was becoming dire and if I didn't do something soon, the newborn vampire before me was going to find himself without a sire. Since he was my responsibility, I couldn't let that happen.

I snarled and bared my fangs at him, but the surprised reaction I was expecting didn't follow. Instead of recoiling, he narrowed his eyes and smiled. The rich, heady scent of arousal washed over me. It was boiling off him in waves that quickly pulled me under with the tide and his hips pressed firmly against mine.

Considering our position, I could feel the rigid line of his erection pressing hard against my abdomen. I bucked against him, hoping to upset his body enough for me to get a knee between us. I realized my mistake when he pushed against me harder instead, reading my move as one of invitation.

It had been a while since I'd last engaged in some sort of sexual activity, but not so long that I wanted this guy to fuck me where I stood. I decided to change tactics because I wasn't above using what I had before me to my advantage. I raised my legs so that my thighs circled his hips and pulled him against me so the seam of my outfit fit snugly against the line of his cock. He seemed to appreciate the position change and thrust his hips forward, a ragged growl vibrating his throat as he shifted his hold so he could press his lips against my neck. His fangs scraped lightly against my skin and despite the fact I hardly knew this man and that he was only reacting to the change, a thread of lust snaked through me, scraping its own set of fangs against delicate skin.

It really had been far, far too long since I'd had sex, and even longer still since I had it with another vampire. A scorching heat seared its way through my veins and I nearly cried out from the sensation that was so familiar. The years I'd avoided this type of reaction settled within me like a lead weight and I felt myself being dragged under the surface before I could stop it. The sensation was lush and heady and my voice did sound then, a low growl of pleasure as his tongue rasped over the sensitive skin of my neck. His new fangs pierced through my skin and I arched against him, overcome by need. He drank, echoing with his own growl of satisfaction.

Heat radiated from him in waves triggering a spark inside me. My body reacted immediately and hot desire bloomed between us as the blood fever raced intent on not stopping until it was sated. To a newly born vampire, the draw to the blood fever was too strong to ignore. I couldn't overlook this one, despite all the years I'd had to grow accustomed to its presence. It was too powerful and enticing.

I knew better.

He didn't and it was that knowledge that should have snapped me out of my haze, especially since he deserved the chance to make his own choice. Currently, his need for blood was controlling him and the throbbing erection that was pressing hard against me still.

His hand curled around the back of my neck as his fingers tilted my head to give him even better access to my veins and even though I knew I needed to stop this--stop him--a ripple of desire traveled down my spine.

I bit back an oath as it shattered the moment and knew what I needed to do. I shoved at him with my hands and he grunted in protest, tightening his grip on my neck so he could continue to drink. His fingers dug into my skin almost painfully because he didn't want to lose his free supply of blood.

I knew things were about to get ugly.

While I'd never personally rebirthed a vampire, I was old enough to gauge his reaction. Old enough to know what was going on and why I was reacting as I was to him. A vampire in the throes of bloodlust was dangerous in their own right--regardless of their age. Add in the blood fever and things could get downright nasty. Those two things combined and no one was safe.

Since I wasn't of the mind to let a freshly born vampire get the best of me, I had to end this.


You can read the rest of the excerpt (the prologue and full Chapter 1) here:

So...since I'm still having my own little personal celebration about finally getting to share this story, you benefit. Leave a comment and tell me what kind of characters you like to read about. I'll drawing a name at random and that commenter will receive a download of Blood Fever.


Em said...

I guess I'm like you. I like strong female characters who are more than capable of holding their own.

I'll also admit to liking sensitive male characters. Not wimpy, just sensitive.

Rebecca Royce said...

I bought it!! Can't wait to read it. Congratulations Sara!

Stacey Kennedy said...

I bought it too!! So excited!!! My female characters are always kick ass, but funny - take life as light as they can in dark times!! Regards to men, I seem to gravitate toward strong, protective but loving too...I like a man who can express how much he loves you :) Congrats Sara!!!

Sherry said...

I like the female characters to be strong but not so strong that they lose their femininity and the men I like to be strong but shows emotions. I usually like a alpha hero but with a few flaws.

J Hali said...

Nice excerpt! I'm always the lone ranger in these conversations, my females I wouldn't say are weak--but they damn well better bend to the hero--or I'll write another heroine! hehehe

cories said...

Great excerpt! I like heroines with some backbone, who realize that having a guy is all well and good but not totally necessary to their happiness. I like heroes who prove themselves to be worthy of such heroines. :)


stacey said...

Alpha Male characters and females that are stong anuff to but up fight.


Sara Brookes said...

@ Em - the female definitely needs to be able to hold her own, but she needs to know when to give a little too. :^)

@ Rebecca & Stacey - I do so hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you!!

@ Sherry I love, love, love male characters with some flaws.

@ J Hali Thanks! Oh I like the females strong and stand up for themselves when they need to, but know how to give a little to the hero as well.

@ Cories Thank you! Definitely like a female character that likes having that man in her life, but knows he not necessary for her to live.

@ Stacey Fights are good. ;^)

BTW, congrats to Cories for being the winner of the drawing, getting ready to email you right now. :^)