Sunday, August 1, 2010

Critique Partners are Godsends!!

A few weeks ago, I finished the story “Stolen Dreams”, and sent it off to my critique partner. Even as I did it, I knew the story wasn’t what it could be. Not that there aren’t great parts to it, because there are, but when I was done editing I wasn’t left with that warm, happy feeling.

After it came back from being critiqued, my suspicions were only confirmed. It needed some oomph. So, where does that leave me now? In edit hell. I’ve decided to do a complete overhaul on the manuscript. Nothing will be trashed, but another point of view will be added, and I suspect that I will probably add 20K to the manuscript.

Which is why having a critique partner is so amazing! It is a push to make the work its best. Just a little nudge here, poke there, and an idea to tie the book together appeared out of nowhere. And now I’m inspired!!

So, my advice, if you don’t have a critique partner, get one!!!