Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey! It's You!

Like most people right now, that are fans of things vampire related, I am a fan of True Blood. However, I don't have HBO, so I'm behind as I have to buy seasons as they come out on DVD. While everyone else is watching season 3, I'm still trying to catch up on season 2 - which I haven't finished yet. It's not exactly a show that I can watch while my 13 year old is around. LOL

I bring this up now because I know sometimes, authors create characters based on someone they know or an actor/actress in a movie or television show. I'm sort of on the opposite side of the spectrum in that I'll create a character, develop their looks and see a movie or show sometimes later and it hits me over the head - "Hey! That's [insert appropriate character's name

I've had it happen twice so far. One of those instances is Alexander SkarsgÄrd, the actor who plays Eric Northman on True Blood. Now see, I never watched True Blood until last summer when I picked up Season 1 because a friend of mine said it was something right up my alley. But when I did...why hello there Stark. For those that may not know, Stark is the hero in my first book, Flash of Dark.

So, I said twice, right? Who's the other? You'll have to wait until next week. ;^)


Annie Nicholas said...

That happened to me when I went to go see the latest Star Trek movie. When my brother and I saw the Romulans, with there bald heads, pointed ears and tats, we both looked at each other said, "Those are my Nosferatu." LOL They even have the right attitude.

katsrus said...

I love True Blood and Eric is my favorite. I had never seen it before and one day I watched one show from season 1 and couldn't stop. I spent the whole day watching season 1. Then I had to wait for season 2 to come on HBO. Now season 3 is almost done. LOL.
Sue B