Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Friday...

Down and Dirty...

Could be the title of a book--but it's not. That's the way my day started (hmm...I'll keep it in mind, though). It's Friday, no fur, but the feathers are flying. Literally. This morning my cats decided I needed some pep in my step early. They went hunting and, of course, mommy had to see the prize. I had a bird in my house squawking and flapping for what seemed like forever. It's back outside--minus a bunch of feathers!

Anyway, on to the post.

I've had a couple new books come out this week. The 2nd in The Stonegars, Stone Dead, at Liquid Silver Books. I liked writing this book but when I do the 'strong woman' it somehow doesn't work out for me. Purple P Rose can tell you all about it, but that's another story. I'm crossing my fingers things will change this time around. I did give Etah a hot hero and he had quite a smoldering partner already. So, I'll see how that works out. The 3rd installment has a character that pulls all the stories together and he's being a real...well, you can guess what he's being. However, since he's my fav character in the series--he can damn well do what he pleases.

I also had the 1st book in my Shepherd's Watch series, Serviced, release at Changeling Press, *big grin* I really enjoy writing these stories. The 2nd, Guarded, is almost done and I'm dying to write the 3rd already.

As I said above, there would be no fur...but didn't say anything about some


Just a little something to go along with the weather. You already have the AC on high, right? Let's see if I can make it worth your while.


Can I get this guy on a cover please, look at those thighs--WHEW! He could surely carry me as far as the bedroom, and I'm a big woman.

HELP! HELP! I can't swim...(and I'm gonna need mouth-to-mouth)

And, umm, can I use your towel, please. *sly grin* I'll give it back right away. *wicked wink* Promise *fingers crossed because I'm lying*
Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele


Stacey Kennedy said...

Oh dear Lord that man at the bottom with the towel. TAKE IT OFF!!! TAKE IT OFF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL - anyways, congrats on the releases. Can't wait to dig into some of you work. I've been so busy I got a back load of to-be-read. But with edits all done, I'll be getting your Stonegars series ASAP

J Hali said...

That man is drop-dead gorgeous. I keep tilting my head to the left to see but it doesn't work *laughing*

Hope you enjoy the Stonegars, I had a ball writing them. And your TBR pile sounds like mine which needs serious whittling down!!

Annie Nicholas said...

I LOVE the cover for Serviced. Kudos to your artist, J.

J Hali said...

Bryan Keller at CP gave him wicked wonderful eyes! Thanks, Annie.