Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paranormal YA lovers who want a quick "bite" will love my new series from Wild Horse Press

Hi Cyberspace Travelers:

I am so excited for my new paranormal romance YA series Mirage High! This will be offered from Wild Horse Press for their YA Nibbles line. This is a line of all-paranormal YA stories in the 2-5K range. My first story in the series, Mirage is now available. Images, book two will be available soon.

As the only humans in an all-supernatural high school, Samantha and Tabitha have a hard time fitting in. Being in a military family, the girls are used to changing schools and usually make friends easily. However, the students of Mirage High aren't exactly welcoming. Yet, that doesn't stop Sam from falling for Shane, the alpha werewolf.
This series is going to be dealing with some big issues for teens, but in a creative way. The human girls deal with a lot of bigotry because they are human, not unlike many teens today deal with racism or religious ostracism. They also have a single father, who isn’t doing the greatest job. They have to make the same choices as other teens make, just surrounded by werewolves, vampires, mermaids, and fairies. I hope this series is both fun and touching for the teens (and adults) who read it.

My main character is Samantha (Sam) who tries to make the best of things. Her little sister Tabby has a harder time dealing with the transition, and the abandonment of their mother. Both girls have to deal with their changing lives while looking into an uncertain future. Mirage is essentially an internment camp for paranormal creatures. The knowledge that their classmates don’t have the opportunity and freedom of choice that they have effect the girls in different ways as they slowly begin to realize that they have to try and help to stop the injustice. I think this story is one that many teens today will identify with and I have written Sam as very hip and very sassy. The sisters deal with friendship and first love and of course have a few sisterly spats along the way.

Sam is falling in love with Shane, the alpha werewolf of the teenage pack. He is everything she wants, except different. Sam deals with her choice to embrace his difference or let what’s between them go. In Images, the second book, this burgeoning relationship will be the main focus of the story while the first book is more about Sam adjusting to life on Mirage.

I’ve really enjoyed writing these stories and as I am published in the erotic genre for most of my work, it’s nice to have something of my work that my daughter can read in a few years. These stories will be available from Wild Horse press and Amazon.com for 99 cents a download. I hope that if you have a young woman in your life you will present them to her. If you do I’d love to hear what she thinks (or you think) at http://ashlynnmonroe.webs.com/

I also have an adult vampire series coming out with Keith Publications this fall. It’s about cursed Templar Knights who wake up dead, as vampires. These stories are hot and fun. I’ve given each of my tormented hotties a good woman to save him. I hope you’ll be on the lookout for these this fall.

Currently I have two very erotic science fiction eBooks, Passion’s Escape (also print) and Lost Hearts with Silver Publications and August 14th Wish, my erotic urban fantasy will be available from them as well.

My short urban fantasy Hidden Magic, about a very sexy fae male and the woman bound to him is published with Wild Horse Press, and October 5th they will be offering my werewolf romance, Wild Hearts. I have taken some great French history and myth and given it my own special twist. Silver Publishing will also have my Halloween offering about a man cursed by his scorned witch wife to be a cat until he finds true love, which will be out October 30, just the right time for you to download and spend your Halloween night reading.

I’m a newbie this is my first year as a published author but I’ve been writing since I was thirteen so I’ve got a ton of stuff that’s been scribbled in notebooks waiting patiently for what was forever ago…ok now I feel old! I’m a working mom with two kids, two cats, and a hubby so my plate is full. I’ve been writing like crazy lately and the family has been annoyed but supportive. You can follow me on twitter at ashlynn_monroe or friend me on facebook. Please check out my website and also my website that a few of my fellow Wild Horse Press pals and I share http://wickedmuses.webs.com/ October is our Parascary Octoberfest and we have a bunch of guest bloggers and book giveaways so please check it out and have some fun with it. I hope you win a book or a gift card, or better yet both!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and to find out a little bit about me Ashlynn Monroe…new girl on the block! I’ve been feeling a little bit like Sam these days; it’s always hard to be new. I’ve been blessed the readers and authors in the wonderful world of electronic books have welcomed me warmly and I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had in my life in the last few months. I hope you will soon be one of my new friends and escape with me into my imagination. I’ve always written for my own pleasure, but it’s so wonderful to have the opportunity to share my wacky creative side with others. I’d love to hear what you think good or bad and I’d like to meet you too. I love comments on my website so please feel welcome to drop by anytime. If one person can get as much joy from reading my stories as I have had writing them then I am a success. Thanks for making my dreams come true!




Rebecca Royce said...

Thanks for being here today Ashleynn and I love YA so I cant wait to check it out!

J Hali said...

Hi Ashlynn, you've got a lot of good stuff going on! Thanks for the heads-up.

Ashlynn Monroe said...

Thanks Rebecca and J!!! I'm excited to be on this fantastic blog and to introduce the Mirage High Series...There are 6 books now available on Amazon or All Romance eBooks now in the series.

Annie Nicholas said...

Where were these books when I was in high school? Nice concept.

Ashlynn Monroe said...
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Ashlynn Monroe said...

lol Thanks Annie! I'm loving creating them! I'm making them teenager iphone friendly too. I just contracted book 7 tonight and I'm having a blast with what I've got down for 8. My daughter is only 9 so a bit young for them yet, I read her Mirage and she told me I was cool...that has made every moment of my time totally worthwhile (it was anyway but now it's extra special lol!) Wild Horse is possibly going to print them in paper when they are complete, I'm looking forward to that too.