Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Writing Paranormal by Amber Kell

Did you ever wonder about what it would be like to be a vampire, hungry for blood or a werewolf and yearn for the moon? That’s the beauty of writing paranormal you get to wonder about things like that. It’s one of the few genres where people can’t ding you for lack of realism in your writing because the world is what you make it. If you decide the sky is purple with polka dotted clouds no one can tell you otherwise, unlike real life when they can boringly point overhead and tell you its blue. I’ve always been the kind of girl who enjoyed fairy tales, science fiction and fantasy because there are no limitations. When I was little I asked my father if magic was real what color would it be. His response was that it would be whatever color you wanted because it would be your magic. That is how I think of paranormal writing. It can be whatever color you want. Each author gets to decide the rules of their world and there are only a few things that are sacred truths. Vampires are always hot and werewolves are always sexy when they growl (okay maybe that’s just in my world).

For me the best thing about writing a paranormal romance is how the Average Joe reacts. Sometimes there is shock and awe like Randall, in my story Blood Signs, or they can be like Nick, in my story Vampire Wanted, and be more concerned about his commitment issues than the fact his new boyfriend drinks blood. Play around with reactions. Is your character well versed with the creepy crawlies of the night or is this entirely new for them? Have fun with it and remember it’s your world so there is no wrong answer.

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Rebecca Royce said...


Thanks so much for being here today!


Kathye Quick said...

I love the paranormal. Have since I was a kid. I am so glad the market is open for these

laschicas said...

I couldn't agree more that vampires are hot and werewolves are sexy. Love it when they get together. I definitely look forward to each new installment in your Wednesday stories.

Stormy Glenn said...

Love your interview, Amber, but not as much as I love your books...LOL...just reread two of them tonight.

katsrus said...

Love your book cover. Haven't read your books. Will be checking them out as I love those kind of stories.
Sue B