Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Writing Without The Love Scenes

There's one thing all of us who write Paranormal Romance know and it is that a good love scene can move our characters exactly where we want them to go, especially emotionally. Can't tell each other how they feel? Well, they can show each other in other, more steamy ways.

So what happened to me when I went to write my first YA book?

I discovered that my characters had to talk. A lot.

But, having said that, there is something to be said about a great kiss.

And I'm finding that the longer I do this book, the more I am reconnecting with my sixteen year old self. The more I am remembering what it felt like to long to be loved while at the same time understanding that I was nowhere near ready for it.

I don't plan to stay in YA forever. By contrast, my muse is already thinking about the next Westervelt book. But I have to say, for now, I love it.

And I highly recommend everyone try to leave their comfort zone for something else...every once in a while.

Hope you are all well out there!



Annie Nicholas said...

Good for you for trying this. I've had enough writing turmoil this summer to last me awhile though. I'm clinging to comfort. LOL

Heather Long said...

I for one am REALLY glad you did.

Rebecca Royce said...

Heather--me too. LOL!!!

J Hali said...

LOL! Are you trying to move my SciFi off the far, far away back burner? *Sigh* you are right, though!!

Rebecca Royce said...

J--I want to see that SCI FI!!

Annie--Yes, you have been through the ringer. But there months from now, I'm hassling you. LOL