Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting Forged Redux

A few weeks ago, Blogger bugged out. It disappeared completely and actually caused me to move another site I run off Blogger completely. So, I thought I'd share the post I had scheduled for that day (and it actually did post, only Blogger didn't come back for several days) because I'm participating in a release party at The Romance Studio today to promote Forged in Fire. Just comment on any of the posts I make over there today for a chance to win your choice of either Flash of Dark or Blood Fever - the first two books in the series.

Here's the link to excerpt #1:

Ah, vampires. My interest sparked in the creatures the very first time I picked up L. J. Smith's The Awakening - the first book in The Vampire Diaries series in 1991. (Yes, the same books that spun off the television show. Which, BTW, I don't watch. I tried. Truly. It just doesn't work for me.) I was 16 at the time.

Now, I get to write about those very things that caught my eye. In fact, my latest vampire book just released on Monday with Liquid Silver Books.

As vampire Evande Austin tries to adjust to her new found abilities, she can’t fight her new reality. She never intended to fall in love with two men. But she also never intended to take Fae blood to keep her alive either.
Trouble lurks in the shadows and Evande fears she will not be able to control the raging blood fever that burns through her because of Quinn. Thanks to Logan, the man who gives her anchor, Evande is able to maintain a thread of sanity in the blinding chaos.
When the Elders strike out and her future tumbles around her feet, Evande realizes the two men give her a bond she is unable to survive without. They need her just as much as she needs them. Giving into them both could just be the one thing that saves everyone.
But one thing remains clear—nothing comes without a cost.

Warning: This is a molten title. Contains elements some readers may find objectionable: Violence, blood, foul-language from a smartass Fae king, a newbie vampire unashamed of his kinks and a scintillating m/f/m bath scene that’s hot enough to steam mirrors

The first chapter it available in its entirety here:
And you can purchase the book here:

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