Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Thanks to Rebecca for letting me do a guest post today.

Since I was a little kid, I've loved all things paranormal. I love it all - ghosts, hauntings, possession, demons, angels, vampires, banshees, succubi, incubi, fairies, elves, goblins, dragons, gnomes and, of course, aliens. While some terrify me, others intrigue me, I can't help but love them and want to research them further.

Ghosts both scare and intrigue me.
I've seen some photos and video which I don't doubt are big hoaxes, but every now and then I come across one that just chills me to the bone. While I know a lot of ghost hunting shows are just too ridiculous to believe, I've found Ghost Adventures very intriguing. I don't know if it's the guys (because they're not typical loopy looking ghost hunters) or just the fact that they have some fascinating footage, but I love their show.

I think the real reason I believe in ghosts and am so intrigued and frightened by them is because I have had a few experiences with them. A couple were just weird and one was absolutely terrifying (I still think it was a demon I saw, not a ghost).

What is your favourite thing that 'bumps in the night'?
Please, feel free to share your experiences, I LOVE hearing of people's accounts of hauntings, seeing strange things or beings and encounters.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!! ;-)



Lauracea (Sue R) said...

Gosh! Are those real photos? I mean, are they of you? Got shivers down my spine there, :)

Rebecca Royce said...

I have had some experiences I don't discuss because then I can't sleep again. But wonderful, wonderful post!

Liia Ann White said...

No only the last one is mine. The others are very famous pics that have freaked me out since I was a kid!
Glad I'm not the only they have that effect on ;-)

Heather Thurmeier said...

Alright, Liia. You can't just tell us you've have incidents and then not even hint at what they were!! That's not fair. I want to know... I too believe in ghosts. My DH just laughs at me. I just *know* there's more to this world than what we see.

Liia Ann White said...

The scariest incident I've had was a whole ago. I was a teen, it involved a teenaged boy (so I thought) with black eyes and him literally disappearing into thin air! There's more and the whole story is friggin terrifying to tell, but it's awesome.

Liia Ann White said...

Rebecca you're telling me all about them when I see you! What could be better? A couple of paranormal authors sharing paranormal experiences ;-)

Lisa Fox said...

Great post Liia. I've had a few encounters over the years, some interesting, others not so much. I love anything freaky and unexplained and mysterious and sort of creepy and ominous.

Annie Nicholas said...

Hi Liia, welcome to PR. I've had a few hair raising experience in my old house. The ones that give me nightmares involved my children. So glad we moved.